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What I have Learnt after 3 Years of Blogging

The real journey of my blogging career was started on 10th May, 2011 although I did start blogging in 2010 but that was not the actual start (as I was sharing 100 words tips and tricks on a blogspot blog which was not the actual blogging.). So I consider the beginning of my blogging career is 10th May 2011. And yes, Techtricksworld.com has also completed its 3 years on the same day.

Just few days ago on 10th May 2014 I have completed 3 years in the blogosphere. I can say that I am enjoying blogging more than anything else in the world.

These 3 years have taught me a lot of things which are beneficial for both my personal and professional life. I thought I should share my experience and learning with you.

Below are the few things I have learnt over these 3 years of blogging which I think we all should do to perform better:

Believe in Hard work

When I was a small kid I was told always that hard work never fails and I memorize the same but never ever did so much of hard work except while preparing for my 10th board exam which gave good results. Then after I have been a good believer of working hard(but smartly).

Later on when I moved to Delhi for higher studies, it took a lot of effort to study all the subjects in English because till 10th I was a Hindi medium student. I did work hard on subjects along with English which turned out to be good and I have scored well in 12th again after poor performance in 11th standard.


When I started blogging I suffered finding words to write but gradually my hard work helped me write good stuffs though I am still not a good writer but I can write correct English at least.

When I started my career I used to earn some amount that was not enough to fulfill my basic needs but again hard work I did in blogging and in my job made it possible to earn well which is now not only enough for my needs but I can even save for my future as well.

There are many more examples I can show you where this statement proved to be true “hard work never fails”.

!Start working hard !

Maintain Consistency

Hard work alone is not enough. If you work very hard for few days and then you do take rest for longer then it might not be effective. You have to be very consistent towards your venture. Work hard with smartness and consistency. Even work a little less but do it consistently in order to achieve success.

I have been blogging since long with my friend Zainil and I can say that we never broke our consistency till now which is the key to our little success (not a big success but we are on the right track).

!Stop laziness and keep yourself consistent towards work!

Help the Needy

I always emphasize on helping the needy ones. There is a feel good factor along with the awesome benefits of doing it. I wrote a post entitled how helping others helped me on this blog which you should read to know how exactly it helps you as well.

Never help those people who just don’t want to help themselves. I am saying this because I came to know few people who don’t want to learn and work rather they want to get everything done from others.

My motto is to help and educate others so that next time they can do the stuff themselves rather than asking to anyone but few people want their work to be done only.

!Help & Learn!

Live Offline Life too

This is one of the biggest problems I am noticing in the bloggers of our blogosphere i.e. they spend too much of their time online even if it is not necessary. Yes, you heard right! They work hard but even after finishing their work they do stay online till hours which happens because of their addiction towards social media.

I have learnt to live offline live along with online ventures after observing few bloggers and even myself. I was doing the same but I am no more using internet if I have no work. I try to enjoy offline life too because it keeps on refreshing me. You should also enjoy offline life as well as online. Believe me it helps you stay interested in your work. Try it!

!Enjoy all the colours of Life!

Love your work

I have learnt this when I came to professional world. I have observed with so many people that if you don’t love what you do then there are very less or no chances of success but on the contrary if you love what you do then there are greater chances of getting success.

Not just blogging but writing, coding, designing or any offline business or job, whatever you do just love it and do it with passion and see the results.

Important note for this point: To love the work you do you should always choose the work you want to do then only you can be passionate towards it .

!choose what you love, love what you do!

Never Stop Learning

This is the most important lesson I have learnt in the blogging and professional industry. Learn something everyday. Learning doesn’t mean to do educate yourself with only big lessons rather it does mean to learn anything which interests you.

!Learning stops, growth Stops!

Mind your Manners

We should always mind our manners. If you don’t then it can have adverse effect on you. So mind your manners and be good to everyone. Keep smiling and most importantly be a reason for others’ smile.

!Be good to be loved!

I have learnt these things and I hope these are few most important things we should always care about for a smooth career. There are lots to say but I would like to put a full stop here and the remaining talk we will do in comment form. Let’s start the discussion!

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  • Good to know that you’ve learned these valuable things in your life through blogging Atish 🙂

    I would say that you’ve taught these to many of your friends and co-bloggers, including me. Yeah, I learned a lot from you, specifically hardwork, non-stop learning, helping others, good manners and consistency.

    Truly speaking, like you, I’ve got all these behaviors after I started to blog. Earning money is bonus for me, I am not focusing much on that.

    Out of all, love the work what we do is most important to get extraordinary output. I am missing to enjoy my offline life, will try to practice as you told.

    I wish that you should learn some more helpful stuffs through blogging, will give my support forever.

    Thanks for sharing your real experiences with us, love to read them. Keep doing it 🙂

    • Author

      Thanks for your kind words Nirmala. Blogging is all about learning and implementing things in online and real world as well. Keep coming!

  • Hi Bhai,

    First of all Congratulations for completing 3 Years of Blogging Journey. Wohaa! 3 yrs.. Not a joke in this Blogosphere and still with no attitude. Simple , Hardworking, decent, helpful, these words are nothing in front of you.

    Hats off. It feels great to know about you.. And what you have achieved great success in these 3 yrs. Whoa! Just remembered I we met 2 yrs back.. And from then you always taught me these valuable lessons from day 1.

    I remember you always say Don’t waste time You will regret later and seriously today I regret I have already waste 2 yrs. Now I have learnt the value of time because of you.

    Help.. This is the first I saw in you.. And learning even tried my best to help others in every aspect whatever I know whether it can be a blogging or their personal matter.

    Sharing is caring..This one is perfect for you.. You always care for others and Shared everything just like an open book.

    Hard work, yes, I have seen you.. It’s not easy to manage Blogging, Day Job and Real life as well. But you’re really good at it. and try to keep balance in every field. Huh Still, I haven’t learned anything Stupid me 🙁 😛

    Work Is Worship .. If anybody wants to know the Correct meaning of these words should contact you.. You are a live example.. Who just not only love your work, but worship it.

    Of course, If you don’t love what you are doing you can never achieve success it it.. So true.. Love what you do, Do what you love. 🙂

    Well, Thanks Bhai for sharing such a great lesson with us and for supporting and teaching us always..I wish you all the good luck for many more coming years

    And aap aise hi.. humko seekhaate raho hum seekhne ke liye always ready hai aapse 🙂

    Thank you


    • Author

      Thanks for writing such a long long comment. You have written the conclusion part of my post 🙂 Good! I agree that you have wasted a lot of time but there is never late. If you realized then start working and learning new things. Sticking with only one thing doesn’t help in this competitive world so keep enhancing your skills on daily basis and keep working! You won’t believe but even after settling well in blogging I am learning to code now days, Done with CSS, HTML and now PHP, Javascript is going on however I did have some knowledge in these but I am trying to achieve expertise in these. 🙂

  • Hi Atish,
    Nice to see you after a while. 🙂
    Great and good lessons you learned from your blogging travel, indeed its good that you shared it here for your fellow bloggers. I fully agree with you, “Yes, Hard work and motivation will surely pay it in the end” though in the initial stage one may face different kinds of opposition even from our own family members, but keeping all those aside go forward, the success will be ours.
    Atish i can very well relate some of the areas you passed thru. And very good tips you passed along. Great going my dear friend.
    Keep it up
    Wish you all the best in all your future endeavors. its really good to meet you here.
    Keep informed.
    May you have a good and profitable day 🙂
    ~ Phil

    • Author

      Thanks Phil for reading my post and sharing your thoughts here. I am lucky in this area as my family members always supported my blogging desire. I didn’t have any stepping stone in may path except English language and lack of time but still my passion is making it all possible.

      Keep visiting my friend! 🙂 You too have a beautiful day!

  • Hey Atish, great to see you completing the 3 successful years of your blogging life. You were one of my first blogging mates online, and I’ve learned a lot from you on the way, and thanks for all the helps you provided to me when I was in trouble. And also, thanks for sharing these great lessons, I believe that having passion in your work obviously helps you achieve new heights and success. Apart from that, you have rightly said that we should never stop learning, it’s been also 3-4 years of my blogging life and I still have a lot to learn, and I’m learning everyday, it certainly helps me improve my knowledge a lot. Once again, thanks for this great post bro 🙂

    • Author

      Thanks Priyangshu,

      Yes I remember those days when you were blogging on your first domain crazyblogwalker, Right? We have came so long way isn’t it? but still seems that we have just started and there are hell lot to learn. Learning everyday improves ourselves a lot.

      P.S. Thanks for your kind words Bro!

  • Good to know about your experience Atish bro. My story has somewhat similar highlights as well.

    Hard work , patience and consistency are the must have things that blogging always requires.
    I have been in touch with you more than 1 year and It feels really great whenever I talk and ask for suggestion from you 😀

    Your point of living offline too is admirable. Internet is just a work place and real life is without living with these stuff. But its also true that it has become a necessity of today.
    Well again thanks for sharing the experience with us. Have more success and achievements in life.

    • Author

      Thanks Ravi for having me as your friend cum bro. I always feel good when you ask for suggestion however because of time constraint and less usage of Fb, My replies get delayed sometimes. :P. Offline life is more important because that gives real happiness. So we should keep balance in both kind of life.

      Thanks for your kind words bro. Keep coming.

  • Hey Atish I am so glad you shared really cool post that not only let us (the readers) know about your blogging struggle but also make our belief firmer that hard work must pay you back sooner or later. Just consistency and will is required to achieve your lofty goals. All you have learnt from blogging will surely help you become a successful entrepreneur which you already are and also make you successful in your whole life. It is also so motivating for me you hailed from Hindi medium background and then did great job in English blogging. That shows you level of commitment and also predicting you have long way to go as sky is the limit for you success level. Stay blessed and happy blogging.

    • Author

      Thanks Mi Muba for your thoughtful comment on my post. Yes hard work, consistency and patience can make everything possible. Learning should always be there in our life. Being from Hindi medium came out in my way but I worked hard over this and now it is no more a problem for me. Thanks For coming by!

  • Hey bro,

    You share your inspirational experience which many to grow as a professional and as a human being. I know you put lot of effort to sustain your success

    I think we all should abide your mantra for a good performance offlineand online both.

  • Hi Atish,

    I first want to congratulate you on your 3 years of blogging.

    Thank you for sharing all that you have learned because blogging does teach us many things. Hard work, responsibility, consistency, and of course go-giving!

    Enjoying what we do is most important of all. As bloggers, putting out information to others that will help them in their journey is such a wonderful feeling.

    You sure have learned so much, so did I since I have been blogging. I feel that bloggers share one thing that is so important. Helping each other. Now that’s what keeps me so passionate about blogging.

    Thank you so much for sharing your growth during your blogging journey. Oh yes…it is hard work! But all good things come from working hard!


    • Author

      Thanks Donna for giving time to read my post and sharing your views here. Blogging is one thing that I enjoy the most. I am still learning many things on daily basis. Now days I am learning to code html, css are done. PHP and JS are going on! 🙂 enjoying learning! 🙂 Keep coming.

  • Hey Bro,

    It feels good to hear your experience of last three years. As you said consistency in work is really essential for blog aliveness. And i already knows that you really helpful and help every needy. Learning is really essential for overall development and i am still learning, everyday i learnt a new lesson.

    In blogging it’s really required to love your work, make it your passion, be perfect in particular field and grab it totally.

    As you said with online life, enjoy too your offline world that i start now. And off course be mannered is really essential.

    Anyway great bro….keep working, keep helping and keep enjoying.

    • Author

      Thanks Rupali for reading my post and sharing comment. Consistency is the key for sure! Helping the needy and getting help from experts is the way to go. Keep visiting.

  • Hello Atish Brother,

    Mind blowing fact that I read on this post. These are the very very good point to be a success in life as well as blogger. “Hard work never fails” this sentence is very inspirational. I started my blogging journey more that one years ago, and faced many problem, some of them solved.

    I always appreciated for you help. Some blogger thinks they are best blogger master and become a famous celebrity, If I asked them for a little help, but they don’t reply. Here I learn “Help the Needy” Its is also a point to be a successful blogger. But why they don’t aware about it?

    It is really a awesome post, I will try to inspire myself with these good point.

    Thank you Atish Brother for your kind help. So, please keep helping to others, keep blogging to inspiring others.

    • Author

      Thanks Srimanta,

      They all are aware but when people reach to a level, they don’t get much time to help others but yes they should try to reply atleast. Any way bro, I am there always to help others 🙂 . Thanks for coming by. Keep coming.

  • Hi Atish,

    Congratulations on your third anniversary. I know how exciting that must be for you. Most people don’t even make it six months let along three years.

    I think that your suggestions of what has helped you are pretty spot on. I believe that we are always learning in life and business. With the way things are constantly changing online we definitely need to keep up with our education.

    Then there is being consistent in your action steps. That was a big one for me really because I always did what I was told but a lot of times they were the wrong lessons. Of course you won’t get positive results when taught that way but when they are the right ones and you do those consistently then it’s just amazing.

    Helping others is definitely one of the important things too because people will remember those who helped them along the way. Maybe it was a kind word or a visit to their blog. Maybe they gave them some advice or shared their posts when no one else would. Those things definitely add up.

    Wonderful list you’ve shared here and thanks for hanging in there. I know you’re glad you did too.

    Here’s to another three years! I wish you the best.


    • Author

      Thanks Adrienne for your wishes and the most importantly for reading the post. Consistency indeed is the important for everyone. I agree with you when we get wrong lesson then it doesn’t work even you do consistently but if you get a great lesson and you do it consistently then success is somehow guaranteed. Helping everyone is the thing I like the most in blogging. Thanks Adrienne for coming by. Keep visiting.

  • The blogosphere will forever remember as name like Atish Ranjan.

    You have really come far as far as blogging is concern. 3 years in blogging is no joke at all. Congrats bro!

  • Glad to know Atish that you have complete 3 years of your blogging career. I have been reading your blogs lately and found informative. keep it up. All I want to wish that you complete many more years in the blogging. Keep up the good work.

  • It is really nice to that you’ve learned these number of valuable things in your life through blogging.
    Hats off it feels great to have known you. And what you have achieved is an example of one great success in these many years. Splendid! Just remembered when I first met you a year back. And from then you always taught me these valuable lessons from day one.

    • Author

      Thanks Aarohan to see you here. Glad that you liked the post and Thanks for the comment as well. Learning is a continuous process which should go on!
      Keep visiting! 🙂

  • Hi Atish,

    Awesome post!!!! As you share your experience of last three years which inspire many of blogger here. I completely agree with Emmanuel. 🙂

  • Congrats bhai, for 3 years of completion.

    Each and every statement in this above article are inspirational and need to be adopted in everyone’s life to achieve the success.

    I agree with your point that ‘Enjoy all the colors of life!’. There is no use of achieving success or saving a tonne for the future if we are not giving our time to our beloved. Our family are the most important and precious gift given to us by god and we should take care of these gifts. 🙂

    ‘Hardwork with consistency’ is always my mantra for doing anything.

    Thanks for sharing your 3 years of blogging success. Keep rocking bhai… ALL THE BEST! 🙂

    • Author

      Thank you so much Shiv for your presence here. Keep reading and commenting here. Yes, We should enjoy all the colors of our life while working hard with consistency. Thanks again! 🙂

  • Congrats for completing 3 years of blogging journey. I am sure many more chapters are yet to be included in the coming years and I wish you all the best.

    • Author

      Thanks Tuhin for your visit. Yes I am sure I will be adding many more chapters. Keep visiting.

  • Hi Atish, it quite a honest confession and well articulated narration of intense thoughts. You have brought some the fundamentals but very important aspect of blogging. The point of hard work and consistency is what matters, and I do fully endorse to it. Of course helping others is a wonderful thing. You have a lovely blog, I am enjoying it.

  • A “+ 1” for mentioning about “Help the Needy” in the sub points. It works on me. Believe me..
    Thanks !
    Kreettanam Kaushik recently posted…Get Airtel Free 100MB 3G Data On Your PhoneMy Profile

  • Oh, how lovely!
    Atish, you’ve something great in your blogging career.
    And thank you for sharing what you’ve learnt so far!
    ~ Ahmad
    P.S. I’ve linked my story, check it out 🙂
    Muhammad Ahmad recently posted…Meet Muhammad Ahmad | A 15 Years old Blogger From PakistanMy Profile

  • Hey,
    Great story Atish. Thanks for inspiring me to work hard on my blog. I hope to scale it in coming years.

  • Rightly said Atish!
    Blogging is something which I think demands too much.The role of true blogging doesn’t end just after posting the blog.It needs a lot after that.That is why I think proper planning and time scheduling is so much important.It is best if you can build a small team to manage your whole blogging work.
    Soumik Ghosh recently posted…5 Worpress Social Media Content Optimization Hacks That Works 100%My Profile


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