Why Did I Choose Host1plus VPS Hosting Service?

Are you a business owner? How do you communicate with your customers? Do you know which one is the effective way to talk with your consumers? I would say that creating a website would be a crucial way to find and engage your potential customers.

I have been in the internet marketing field since 2010 and I am familiar with the benefits of having a good online presence. It doesn’t matter whether you own a small or medium-sized business. You should build a website that contains the essential information about your product/service for your audience.

Let us assume that you’re agreeing with my viewpoints of having a good web presence for your business. However, do you know how and where to start? First, you should purchase a domain with a trendy name (should be related to your business). Next, you need to host your website with a reliable hosting service.

If you think to go with a cheap hosting provider, then you will face malware attacks, security threats, poor search engine ranking and a profit loss as well. Therefore, it would be better to get an unfailing hosting service with a variety of hosting options and a dedicated customer support.

You don’t need to invest your time in researching the best hosting service provider. To nail down the details you need to understand that I am here to discuss the significant features of a steadfast hosting company – Host1Plus, through this post.

I’ve personally tested its VPS hosting service on one of my blogs and thus I’ve decided to write a comprehensive review which would help you to recognize its abilities in a better way.

Before getting into the discussion, I would like to explain about the VPS hosting!

VPS Hosting – An Overview

VPS hosting is Virtual Private Server hosting which is more powerful than normal web hosting, and it is suitable for the blogs/websites that have a larger audience. Therefore, if you need to use many server resources, you may get the VPS hosting as you can get root access to your server.

It has an own operating system, processor and memory that would increase the speed of your website without any hassle. In simple words, it is a more flexible hosting service whose capability can be increased and upgraded to meet your requirements.

About Host1Plus

Host1Plus is a UK based company founded in the year 2008. It not only offers Web & VPS hosting but also dedicated servers, reseller and SEO hosting at an affordable price, hence expanding its consistent service across the world.


Building a long-term relationship with their customers is the primary goal of Host1Plus service. It contains several optimization and security tools to build a safe online background and have a team of talented IT professionals to solve the technical difficulties.

Why I’ve chosen Host1Plus VPS Hosting?

As I own multiple traffic generating blogs, I wanted to host and track all of them at one place. Besides, I required installing some specific applications with root-access capabilities. Furthermore, I desired to have a customized hosting service and create a custom package that fits into my budget.

When I’ve started to hunt for a high-quality VPS hosting, I came to know about Host1Plus that seemed to have impressive features. Then I’ve decided to go with its Sliver plan and fascinated with an exciting thing that I can edit the resources the way I want them to be.

Now, let me summarize the best qualities of Host1Plus VPS hosting service that helps it to stand out from the crowd.

Great Flexibility

Host1Plus VPS hosting allowed me to build my unique virtual private server with a dedicated IP address, FTP servers and emails to boost my SEO performance. With its full root access, I was able to host unlimited domains and installed software for my customer needs.

I have been fulfilled with the simple, and convenient management process of Host1Plus VPS hosting facility as I’m getting easy-to-use control panel options like ISPmanager, DirectAdmin, Webmin and so on.

Most of the hosting services do not offer this level of freedom to its customers, but here I’m using my resources more efficiently.

Excellent Performance

As Host1Plus VPS hosting has operation centres at multiple locations (Nine different localities) around the world, it is possible for me to reach a particular geographical audience that enhances my SEO. I got amazed with these premium data centres that are backed up by powerful servers and elevated security.

I didn’t face any issues like connectivity loss, poor response time, varying server location and bad uptime (uptime is a measurement of how good a hosting provider keep their systems up and running).

Since the main mission of this incredible hosting service is to try new ideas with technology innovation, we will get some more performance upgrades shortly.

Good Affordability & Support

What else can I say about its affordability? Yes, Host1Plus VPS hosting plan is very affordable. It has four different hosting packages like Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum and these are the cheapest VPS hosting packages in the market.

I’ve chosen to go with a long-term VPS service and thus I got some % discount for my selected plan. If you’re not satisfied with the service of Hosting1Plus, you can get your money back within 14 days. Just look at the pricing plans of Host1Plus VPS hosting service below!

host1plus plans

When I faced some troubles, I had always been assisted with the efficient customer support of Host1Plus. I would say that they are highly trained hosting experts and can be reached 24 * 7 by phone, live chat or email. So, you may focus on building and enhancing your business website and don’t need to bother about your technical issues or general queries.

Other Exciting Features of Host1Plus VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting of Host1Plus has some more exciting features like

  • Offers one-click auto-installation
  • Works on all major Linux operating system like Ubuntu, centOS, Fedora, Suse and Debian.
  • Handles complex online applications.
  • Ensures a flawless performance with exceptional DDoS protection through the collaboration of Staminus.
  • Gives space in hard disk and SSD to increase the speed of your site
  • Supports affiliation program to earn money.
  • Accepts payment in different terms and supports a huge range of payment methods.


The internet is messed up with many hosting providers but only a handful of them are reliable. Choosing an exact hosting service can give your blog/website the right growth.

If you wish to go with the best VPS hosting provider for the web presence of your business, then Host1Plus VPS hosting is ideal option for you. In general, the VPS hosting is expensive but here you can get it at an unbelievable price.

I recently purchased the VPS hosting package of Host1Puls at minimal cost and I’m impressed with its features that I’ve discussed in this post.

I would recommend this affordable web hosting provider for VPS service to get ultimate server quality & devoted customer support.  I hope that you’ve grabbed enough details of Host1Plus VPS service through this post, let me know your viewpoints in the comment section. 

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