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There is No Better Place Than the Hometown. Mine is Sitamarhi!

If you are living far away from your hometown, then only you can feel what I am going to talk about.

My hometown is Sitamarhi which is one of the districts in Bihar. It is popularly known for being the birthplace of Mata Sita.

Punaura Dham - Sitamarhi
Punaura Dham – Sitamarhi

My basic education till 10th was done in Sitamarhi itself, after that I moved to the capital city of India.

Before moving to Delhi, I never went to any other place other than Muzaffarpur (just 2 or 3 times). Thus, my whole world was only my own town, Sitamarhi. I didn’t know the advancements that were already in the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. I never felt that I am lagging behind from these towns as I never knew what else were going on in the world. But the truth was that I was really unaware of many things which were common in the big cities. I was a simple guy who used to eat, play, study and sleep only. I didn’t go to any other place either for vacation or for any other work.

Janki Mandri - Sitamarhi
Janki Mandir – Sitamarhi

I always felt bad being there because of the poor mindset of people around me, adverse situations in the family, and few other reasons. I always wondered how I will live here in such environment.

When you have no options, you accept things easily and compromise, but as my brothers were already living in Delhi, I had the option to move here in Delhi. I was always tempted to come to this new place and start a new life in a new way. I thought that I will enjoy my life in the new city.

Small Mandir in Kailashpuri, Sitamarhi established by my dad
Small Mandir in Kailashpuri, Sitamarhi established by my dad

Finally, when I got the result of Matriculation, I moved to Delhi to live with my brothers. Until I reached Delhi, I didn’t have any realization of how much importance the hometown possess in our life.

My life had taken a big turn as I moved from a very small city to a very big city. When I came here, I didn’t like to stay here as well, but due to the bad situations of my hometown, I preferred to stay in Delhi to complete my studies.

Sitamarhi Railyway Station
Sitamarhi Railway Station

With the time, I started to accept this city, and I have completed 11th, 12th, and then BCA. After these, I started working in IT Firm to earn money and build my career. Things were fine and still all is going well!

Apart from all of these, somewhere I used to miss my hometown Sitamarhi though I used to visit regularly once in a year.

I still miss those days when I used to go to watch movies in Nutan, Shankar, Kiran, Bajrang( now RD palace) cinema halls by cycle. Oh, I just miss those rides on cycle with broken breaks. The small things used to give immense happiness like when we win a cricket match. Those winning parties Samosa-chatni! Wow!  The days when I used to play cricket matches the full day. Neither the boiling summer nor the rain could stop us to play the matches. Study at night matches in the day. I wonder when I used to sleep?

Janki mandir at night
Janki mandir at night

“Wo diye jalakar Diwali manna, wo chhath ghat par kele ke thumb me bomb lgakar udana. I miss all of these. Here in Delhi, people celebrate Diwali with electric lights, that doesn’t look natural to me.

Wo subah-subah uthkar flowers torna during Saraswati pooja and Durga pooja. All of these are amazing memories that are still there into a special corner of my heart. These memories are still fresh, and they are not going to fade away.”

Urvija kund, Janki Mandir
Urvija kund, Janki Mandir

When I was living those moments, I never thought that somewhere in future, these memories will be the best moments to remind of.

Now I am living a life where I am surrounded with latest technologies, and even my work area is somehow advanced enough even for city people. I go to KFC, Pizza hut, McDonnalds and other food junctions. But these are nothing in front of that life where there were not many technologies available, walking on the dark roads, eating on small food stalls; samosa, chat and chura-ghugni. I really love these small town things!

It’s the true saying that “When we have something with us, we don’t give importance to it. But when it goes away, we start missing it badly”.

The same happened with me, there hasn’t been a single day when I didn’t miss my home Sitamarhi.

For me, that tough life without consistent electricity and other facilities was much better than the life in the Delhi where there is consistent electricity, and many other facilities available.

I would like to say that there is no comparison when it comes to your hometown. Hometown is the best place to live, enjoy and die.

Hanuman mandir, Dumra (Near bus stand), Sitamarhi
Hanuman mandir, Dumra (Near bus stand), Sitamarhi

Now, I would like to mention about something that I admire. There is a Facebook page of Sitamarhi maintained by Ranjeet Purbey. It is one of the best pages where I spend my time because it makes me feel like I am close to my city. Recently this page completed 10,000 fans, and for that I have already congratulated my all Sitamarhian people.

congratulating for reaching 10,000 likes!

Thanks to all of the Fans who are keeping the page alive, and helping the admins to update the page with new images, news, and latest happenings of Sitamarhi.

I don’t know how much importance your hometown has in your life, but in my life my hometown, Sitamarhi has a great importance.

Even it is still a city which needs to develop so much; I am in love with it. Whenever I visit there, I try to enjoy those moments as much as possible.

So where is your home town? Are you staying far away from it? How much your hometown means to you? Share in comments!

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  • Hi Atish bro,
    This was a post from the hear and it did what it was meant to, touching the heart. When you are away from something that was so obvious for you all these years, you realize the importance it has in your life.

    Sitamarhi is a beautiful place as these pictures tell.
    Swadhin Agrawal recently posted…Elegant Themes Coupon Codes 2015 – Grab Your Maximum Discount!My Profile

    • Author

      Thanks for coming by Swadhin. No matter the hometown is beautiful or not, the matter is how much you give importance to it in your life. 🙂

  • I can sense your feelings that you’re away from your hometown Atish. We have to accept the changes that come on our way and the life will never go in the way we think.

    Good to know about your home town, Sitamarhi and thanks for sharing some beautiful pictures.

    My only worry is that you’re living in the capital city which is considered as a highly polluted city. I wish you to move to some other places around it.

    Like you, I too miss my hometown after marriage. It’s a very beautiful village and we have a very big house over there. But I’m missing all 🙁

    Having goals is good but the expectation is bad! This is the recent thing I’ve learned.

    So, it’s good to move forward for our goals, thanks for sharing your story and your hometown specialties with us.
    Nirmala recently posted…Why And How To Find Social Media Mentions?My Profile

    • Author

      Thanks for sharing your views Nirmala. Bigger cities are polluted, but still we need to stay to get the facilities to work. In my case, I need consistent electricity and fast internet, that is easily available in Delhi.

      Other thing, we understand the importance of hometown when we stay far away from it.

      Glad you liked reading it.

  • What’s good about your home town? Well,there are many good things really you can see own home town. I really like the people, roads, shops, playgrounds in my home town, and I also like the fact that if you go shopping everything is really quite cheap and I can get to town really easily from your house.
    So , it’s nice to see such post from you.
    Main Uddin recently posted…Delhi’s statehood issue needs to be discussed in parliament: CPIMy Profile

    • Author

      Thanks for coming by Main Uddin bro. First of all, I would like to wish you a very happy bday! 🙂

      My city is still underdeveloped, and it will take years to reaching a good level. But still, I find everything very special about it be it the dark roads, or small town things.

      By the way, My hometown is well known for being the Birthplace of Maa Sita.

      • Hello Atish,
        Mera ye comment hindi me hi hoga, kyuki is comment ko likhne k liye hindi me hi feelings aa rhi…is article ko padh k bachpan ki saari yaadein taaja ho gyi… avi avi lagta h ki ghar se, mummy se chup k, chilchilati dhoop me hum sb kaise pitto khelte the…mujhe badminton khelna kaafi pasand tha…aaj racket pakre v saalo beet jaate hain…wo durga puja k golgappe k stalls…wo kvi kvi chowmin khana…kyuki humlog to aksar mummy k haath ka chura bhuja gughni, dahibara, kheer ye sb hi naaste me kiya krte the…jb mummy bahut khus hoti thi to samosa aa jata tha ghar me… pizza, momos ye sb hum kahan jaante the…durga puja me mela ghumne k liye 50-100 rupya milta tha, jo ki kaafi hota tha… cycle se tuition jana aur baarish me wo bhingte huye aana… badmashi krne pe kaan pakar k class me khara hona… sb baatein purani h, but avi v dil k sabse karib hain… roj sham ko dosto k sath road pe tahalna, andhera hone tak…ab aisi dosti v kahan….chupke se imli school le jana aur p.t k class me chupa k khana…..classes k waqt kattam-kutti khekna…. chupa chupa k lunch khana….wo chura ka bhuja pizza se tasty hua krta tha, wo nimbu pani cold drinks se jyadi thandi hua krti thi…wo matka fridge se jyada rahat deta tha…there are lots of memories attached to our hometown and childhood….nothing can replace them….

        Shubha recently posted…20 Facts About True Love that You Need to KnowMy Profile

        • Hello Shubha,

          I can feel how are you feeling the childhood. But, at least, you are near to your hometown which is a good thing.

          Thanks for writing your heart out here.

  • Hi Atish,

    I know what you mean by never forgetting your home town. I’ve moved out of mine in Brooklyn New York…a big city to a small town and I did have to adjust. There were no bright lights and I had to walk in the dark.
    From there I moved again…further away from the city to a small college town. I was blessed with many good years there, but the climate of people had changed….off I went again.

    I always wanted to live by the beach, so two years ago I moved way up to Maine…a little colder and a very small town. Very dark at night which I’m still a bit weary of he he.

    But when people ask me where I’m from, I always say my home town. I think it is so important for our identity and also how we grew up that is deep in our hearts and will carry it forever.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…The Most Common Excuses For Not Being Listened ToMy Profile

    • Author

      Hi Donna,

      Thank you for reading this post. You are right no matter your hometown is a big city or a small one, it is always special. Good to know that you are residing in Maine. It’s good that you always speak home town when you are asked. That’s important.

      Glad you like it!

  • Hi Atish

    Oh! it is awesome to talk about your home town which I see that you so dearly miss and you know moving to a new place can be uncomfortable at first but you soon get used to it later. However you can never forget your home

    So when I see your home town Sitamarhi. I see your pleasant memories. Thanks for sharing even thought it is my first time.

  • True brother. Home town always very close to everyone. We enjoyed our childhood there. Missed those chat and golfappa (fokcha). sab ke muh me paani aa raha hai kya ab.

  • Hi Atish, glad to see someone from sitamarhi has penned down this story with so much emotions. Going down the memory lane, I find some level of resonance viz-a-viz my experience of this city. Yes, many guys like us had to migrate to bigger cities in quest of opportunities and have been successful too up to a certain extent. However the fact of the matter is that the city still has a mile to go in terms of basic infrastructure and facilities. however I feel it’s all about what your priorities are. I know many people like you who were reminscient about the good old days spent in sitamarhi, have moved back there. The city does offer ample opportunity now to live a peaceful life. Go explore. 🙂

    • Author

      Hi Kesri,

      Glad you have read my article. I understand that its all about our priorities, but hometown is something that always stays in our heart regardless of what kind of city it is? whether a developed one or a developing one.

      Thanks for coming by.

  • Hi Atish bhai,
    Yeah! Its true that nothing can replace those memories spend at home town. The moment spend with the whole family, the moment spend with those friends etc etc…

    I too admire my hometown for all the moment spend there.
    >SK Lohar
    Shivkumar recently posted…WhatsDog : Track activity on whatsapp using contact numberMy Profile

    • Author

      Thanks Shiv!

      Yes, that cannot be replaced even you are spending life in one of the best cities of the world.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Hi Atish,

    This is my first time on your blog.

    I was born in Florida but was an Air Force brat so my family did a lot of traveling and lived in many places.

    When people ask me where I,m from I usually say Florida but my real home place is New Jersey.

    Your home town looks beautiful so many nice places to visit and see. Your pictures must be precious to you, bringing back so many memories. Remembering all the things you used to do. and then some.

    You have a wonderful day and weekend ahead,

    Linda Schrier recently posted…How To Supplement Your Income OnlineMy Profile

    • Author

      Hello Linda,

      Glad to see you reading here about my small town. No matter how beautiful your hometown is, its always beautiful for you.

      Good to know your story. I am sure wherever you are or will be, you will always miss New Jersey because its the town where you were born and spent your childhood.

      Enjoy the rest of the week! 🙂

  • Hi Atish,

    Today I accidently came across this blog post from Mukesh Annamalai’s blog. I can’t go without leaving a comment in this post because I know the feelings when you miss a particular place or hometown where we spend out childhood. We may not feel anything missing if we stay there at the same place for the whole life. If you are living in another place the feeling is entirely different.

    Even when I live in a big city like London, I miss my evenings at my hometown ( Trivandrum). No need to say that I miss those days playing cricket in hot weather for at least one full Saturday and two to three hours in the evenings in a week. Even when I have food from big restaurants, there is something missing when I think about those small shops where I used to have tea and snacks and having a chat with the shop- keeper. I miss some places like Chennai and Bangalore where I used to spend few years and those lovely friend’s. I really miss all those Indian bit of life. Those cricket matches, those dear and innocent friends (especially from Chennai), those tea shops, those cinema theatres, those auto rickshaws, those big crowds with people from different categories, those different languages, those relatives etc, etc, etc. I think I need to start a personal blog to write all those things soon.

    Atish, some people have special feelings for the places they spend some time in their life. I have experience that in my life and from this write-up, I believe you are the same kind of person. I think this is the first time I am landing up in this blog. I used to visit only techtricksworld.com so far. I am not boring you too much.

    Keep sharing


    Reji Stephenson
    Reji Stephenson recently posted…Review of Infolinks, the Google Adsense alternativeMy Profile

    • Author

      Hey Reji,

      Good to know that you are staying in London! A great place to live, but as I and you have shared that there is nothing better than hometown. It’s like the whole world looks faded in front of our hometown.

      Yes, having a personal blog to share these things is good thing. You haven’t bored me, but I found you think same like I do.

      Glad to know the details of you!

      Thanks for reaching out to this blog of mine as well. Appreciate it.

  • Hi Atish,
    Very true and heart touching. Hometown is always the best place to live, love and enjoy. No matters where you reach in life, no matters what you get in life but there is always a gap of missing hometown or village.
    Thanks for sharing it .
    Kumar Chandan recently posted…Don’t miss these qualities of Pro BloggersMy Profile

    • Author

      Exactly Kumar! Homepage always be the best place of your life regardless of how developed or backward it is.

  • Hi ATISH,

    Good to know about your home town, Sitamarhi and thanks for sharing some beautiful pictures. You are right there is no better place than the Hometown where we feel the all natural things and Its true that nothing can replace those memories spend at home town. Like you, I too miss my hometown.
    Thanks a lot to share your feeling that how you for your hometown.

  • Hello Atish,
    Today i landed on this blog first time and i have read your this post, After reading this post i found you are very kind, honest and sensitive person.
    One big thing is attract me towards you that’s Sitamadhi, because I am also form Chhapra ( Both are near).
    Now, I have bookmarked your blog in my mind and browser 🙂 I will read and follow you in future regularly.

  • Well, nice to know about your home town and it’s very obvious for anyone to miss it. I miss mine too. Mine is Orlando. I so miss that place.
    Tim Jacobs recently posted…Try the coolest WordPress web hostingMy Profile

  • “JANANI JANMA BHUMISHA SWARGADAPI GAREEYASI Mother and motherland (our birthplace) are above heaven.
    “Very true Hometown is always the best place to live, there is no better place than the Hometown where we feel all natural things and we have our identity there . Like you, I too miss my hometown. I too miss those days where we used to walk to another village to see movies in tents …and enjoy the moom light . No matters where you reach in life, no matters what you get in life but there is always a gap of missing hometown or village.
    Thanks for sharing it .

  • Well, Atish, I’m from Bihar too. I heard much about Sitamarhi. I’ve keen eager to visit Sitmarhi. I’ll. Where are you currently? If you are in Sitamarhi, then Let’s Catchup! I’m from Gopalganj District 😀 !

    • Hello Priyanshu,

      I am from Sitamarhi, But I have been living in Delhi for more than 12 years now. However, I visit Sitamarhi once or twice a year. Recently I went to celebrate Diwali and Chhath Pooja. But, as of now, I am in Delhi.

      Good to know that you are keen to visit Sitamarhi. This is a small town but you will see the real Bihar here. Enjoy your stay there.



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