AskMe App – The bapp of all apps

Nowadays, I am hearing a lot about an App which is considered as the Bapp Of All Apps by so many reviewer and user. I installed this App today to know what is special in this which makes it the Bapp of all apps. After installation, I used it and I can say this is [...]

How to Use MOZ Chrome Extension?

I consider you have already read my blog post in which I have mentioned about the chrome extensions I use every day. MOZ chrome extension was in the list as well and you can see screenshot of the same out there in that post but now this extension is upgraded to a new look. The [...]

How to Learn Coding Online for FREE?

Coding is something that is very interesting but at the same time it’s tough to learn. Before a decade there are very few people used to learn code especially those who study courses like BCA, MCA, B. Tech(computer science) but now days everyone who is in technology field wants to learn coding, in fact they [...]

Essential things to do after setting up your wordpress blog

Hi everyone, I am back with another post in which you will learn about things which you should do after setting up your WordPress blog. Before I go in detail please read the post about installing wordpress on your hosting space because the to-do list I will be discussing in this post come after installing [...]

How to Create MySQL Database in CPanel

Few days back I wrote a post about installing wordpress on your web space using FTP. In that post I did mention that after uploading all the files of WordPress on server we need to enter DB name, DB username, DB password other details in WP-config.php file which helps WP application to connect with database.  [...]

How Helping Others Helped Me?

You might be thinking that how helping others helped me? You don’t believe me right? Believe me it’s true, helping others helped me to grow in blogging, professional, personal and social life as well. Almost 3 years back when I started blogging I didn’t even know what actually the blogging is? WordPress, Adsense, Plugins, Affiliate [...]