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Hostinger – A Quick Review About one of the cheapest yet great Hosting Providers

Hostinger is a  web hosting company that took off in 2004 and hasn’t looked back ever and it is one of the fastest growing names in the industry because it offers premium services at low cost.

Only 6 years into the business, the company was able to secure a huge client base of over 1 million and the numbers only continued to grow with time.

As of Jan 2017, it had a user-base of 29 million with the company receiving over 20,000 sign-ups every day. Currently, it has 39 service locations around the world.

Hostinger Review

With that said, it pays to dig deeper into the overall quality of web hosting services by Hostinger and see just how worth they are.

  1. Services

Hosting offers 4 main web hosting services:

  • VPS hosting
  • Shared web hosting
  • SSL certificates
  • Domain registration

A lot of immediate users may not be ready to invest a lot into hosting alone. For them, Hostinger offers the option of shared hosting. Since Hostinger has its own cloud infrastructure; it offers shared hosting at reasonable pricing, without comprising on the performance part. So, that’s a plus.

There’s a suite of packages when it comes to VPS hosting each with its own bundle of features. Although the company provides only 1 iPv4 address but having used their services myself for some time now, I see the users won’t have any complaints regarding the performance.

Coming to the Domain Name Registrations, it’s good to know that Hostinger is accredited by ICANN. It doesn’t simply ‘resell’ the domain names from another registrar. So, you know you’re in safe hands. What’s more, the smart domain availability checker not only lets you see which domains are available, it also shows an extensive list of suggestions to choose from if a domain isn’t available.

  1. Website Builder

Not everyone wants to deal with the hassle of coding a website. In fact, most users have little to no knowledge of coding or CMS installation. For them, website builder is the best tool to get a perfectly customized website. Speaking of which, Hostinger offers an extensive range of over 200 templates to play with.

Hostinger website builder is easy to use. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping the information (text, tables, forms, images, galleries, etc.).

Another plus point of website builder from Hostinger is that all the templates are search-engine friendly as well as optimized for mobile (accessible from handheld devices). Both the features are extremely important in the current landscape of the online world.

  1. Speed

Let it be known that Hostinger has 4 data center locations namely the UK, US, Singapore, and Brazil to choose from. So, the speed may vary depending on which server you set up the account with. Mine was on the US server.

In my experience, a website built using simple HTML code showed a response time of less than 1 second from different locations.

Coming to the speed for sites built in website builder, the response time was increased by a couple of milliseconds.

The quickest response time was 69 ms in the US with highest response time being 474 ms in Bangalore.

  1. Uptime

I tracked the server uptime using ‘Uptime Robot’ over the course of three months. It’s surprising to see that a low-cost hosting service provider like Hostinger will show such promising results.

The tool observed a 100% uptime and not once did the servers go down.

  1. User-friendly installer

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and several other e-commerce stores may need installation. Not all hosting providers come with the auto installer in the control panel. But, Hostinger is not one of them.

The installation process is quite simple with the user obviously going to need basic coding knowledge.

The steps involved in selecting the app until it has been installed are minimum.

Another plus point is all that package come with the auto-installer as well as more than 100+ auto-installer scripts. Every time, there’s an update, it’s automatically downloaded.

  1. Resources

Except for the ‘single web hosting’ plan which is the basic plan, all other packages come with unlimited disk space. Single website hosting is allocated 10GB of disk space. Same goes with the bandwidth. Single web hosting is given 100 GB of bandwidth while business and premium web hosting come with unlimited bandwidth.

The WordPress hosting follows HTTP/2 protocol which allows multiplexing and fewer bottlenecks.

Hostinger users SSD service which unlike HDD are more stable. It’s because of this that the chances of data loss/damage are fewer.

Hostinger has definitely invested in quality resources and technology.  It’s definitely something worth looking into.

  1. Support team

There are two ways to get in touch with the customer support representatives at Hostinger. There’s the live chat support and the ticket/email support.

Lack of phone support is a bummer. This is clearly a downer especially for those when preferring phone support and need to acquire some information rather urgently.

However, chat support does come handy when you need to exchange some technical information like a complex code or a domain name which can be difficult to spell out on the phone.

Speaking of chat support, you can expect to be put in a queue. However, the wait time is just a couple of minutes (2 or 3 minutes), before someone attends to you.

  1. 30-days risk-free guarantee

Another thing worth mentioning about web hosting services by Hostinger is that the users get a 30-day money back guarantee.

This is an incredible option for those wishing to test out the services first before committing to it for the long-haul.

It’s like test driving a car before finalizing the purchase decision.

All and all, Hostinger is an option worth exploring. It has something for everyone. It’s hard to come by service providers that would offer such spectrum of the feature at such competitive pricing.

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