Join Host1Plus affiliate program and earn up to $115 per sale – Review!

Making money online is possible but whoever thinks it is easy to do obviously hasn’t tried working online and make money via online work. It is just as tough as a regular day job. In the starting, it might even feel tougher than your day to day job!


But who said it is impossible to make money online?

Making money online is very much possible, provided you are doing the right thing and moving in the right direction. People make money online doing various different things. People freelance for others, people make blogs and earn via sponsored posts and advertising.

You can even make money online via Affiliate Marketing. In Affiliate Marketing, you promote a product or a service from a company, and when you make a sale, you are awarded a commission based on your sale.

I have been promoting products for quite a long time, and I know what it takes to be a good affiliate marketer.

I have been promoting Host1Plus web hosting services since a long time, and I must say, they have a great portfolio of products. Their products are world class, and the support staff is amazing. Just the perfect product you would like to promote!

In this post, I am going to talk about their Affiliate Program, and we will see how you can earn up to $115 per sale with Host1Plus Affiliate Program.

What to expect from Host1Plus Affiliate Program?

Host1Plus is one of the best web-hosting providers in the business right now. They have a great product portfolio to offer, which includes shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, domain names, etc.

They also have one of the best Affiliate Programs in the industry, which allows you to earn up to $115 per sale! You are awarded commission on hosting services sales you make for Host1Plus.

How does Host1Plus Affiliate Program work?

host1plus 2

You can sign up for their program here Host1Plus Affiliate Program. Your application will be reviewed by their team to make sure that the company is associated with quality affiliates.

After you have signed up and your application is approved, you will be able to log in to the affiliate dashboard. Now that your account is approved, you can go ahead and start promoting their products.

How much is the pay per sale?

As an Affiliate, it is important to promote a good product that not only provides great value to customers but also provides great commissions to you.

As I have mentioned before, you will be able to earn up to $115 per sale. There are two categories in which you can make sales. One of them is for sales below $40, and the other one is for sales above $40.

Category 1: Sales below $40

host1plus 3

Tier 1 – 100%

If you manage to sell any product, and the product invoice is less than $40, then you will be commissioned with 100% of the invoice amount. This is valid for all the sales 14 in number.

Tier 2 – 125%

This stands true for the sales that are less than $40 in invoice value. Keep in mind that Tier 2 is only valid if you are able to make 15 or more sales that are under $40. You will get 125% of the sale amount per sale.

Tier 3 – 150 %

Making more than 24 sales is great, and if you make 25 sales for invoice value below $40, then you will get 150% of the sale commission on the products you sold.

Category 2: Sale above $40

host1plus 4

Tier 1 – $65 per Sale

Make up to 14 sales with invoice value over $40 and you will be awarded $65 per sale.

Tier 2 – $90 per Sale

15 or more sales for bill value more than $40 will get you $90 per sale commission from Host1Plus.

Tier 3 – $115 per Sale

25 or more sales with invoice value over $40 is amazing and these sales will get you $115 per sale, which is great!


Personally, I find Host1Plus Affiliate Program one of the best in the web hosting market. They not only provide great service to their customers, but their Affiliate Program also pays well. I highly recommend everyone to try their Affiliate Program and see for yourself how it goes.

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  • Hi Atish Ranjan,

    I am just starting my blog is underway. In fact, I am a newbie for blog. Hence, I need you advise to my blog the most successful. My blog name is www free healthcareglobal.com and the same under construction and not completed. Once completed, I will go for affiliate marketing with host11plus as you suggested.

    Please guide me to come up in bloggers community.


  • Hi Atish,

    I think Host1plus is coming with good price structure to attract customers, I am little bit hesitant about their uptime and customer support, if they are good, I will try to join their affiliate program to promote their hosting, thanks Atish for sharing this information, see you soon with another article.
    Siddaiah Thirupati recently posted…Long Tail Pro Discount And Platinum VS Pro ComparisonMy Profile

    • Author

      Hello Siddaiah,

      Thank you for coming by. They are good as I have used their services for a few of my projects. Glad you liked the review.


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