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Chrome Extensions which I use Everyday

After a short break I am back with a post which is about the chrome extensions which I use on daily basis in order to speed up my work. I use even a number of extension but I am sharing those only which I use on daily basis and even every hour.

These are very helpful as they save a lot of time and effort which help me to increase productivity in my work.

Here is the list of chrome extensions I use everyday to increase my productivity

Awesome Screenshot Extension

I am a fan of using Google Chrome as my browser everywhere either on my laptop, my office PC or on my phone. As like firefox has add-ons to perform specific task, Chrome is supported by Extensions that make it perform specific tasks.

Awesome screenshot is one of those extensions. What we did in the past by using prtscrn button and then pasting into MS paint is now being done by this extension. Yes, this helps capturing awesome screenshots as like its name.


In this screenshot, you can see options of this extension:

  1. Capture Visible part of page:- If you select this option then it will capture those parts of the page which are visible.
  2. Capture selected area: This option lets you select a particular area to take screenshot.
  3. Capture Entire page: This option lets you capture full page.
  4. Select a local image: This option lets you select a local image to make screenshot.

You may check out options where you can set the format of screenshots either .jpg or .png and also you can do settings for shortcuts.

This is indeed the best screen capturing tool for me. Earlier it didn’t have the option to take screenshot of local images but it had added this option as well few weeks before.

PageRank Status Extension


Being an SEO cum blogger I always need to know the page rank of different websites and blogs. There are many awesome sites where I can check page rank of a website but that is time taking and also more effort is needed there. Hence I use PR checker Extension on my chrome browser which shows the page rank of every page I open. It is a very handy tool.

Alexa Traffic Rank Extension


If you are into blogging and SEO you might know about Alexa Rank. I always curious to know about the stats of each and every website hence I do use PR checker extension as mentioned above and Alexa traffic rank extension as well. It shows all the details of the website opened in the browser without going to alexa’s site.

SEO For Chrome Extension

This Extension shows many stats about the website which is currently open in the browser such as Page indexed in various search engines, backlinks, traffic stats, Search stats, social stats, Cached, On site stuffs and domain details. But I use this Extension just for checking NoFollow links.


Click on the extension on chrome browser and tick the “Show NoFollow” option and it will highlight all the links as red which is having NoFollow attribute.


MozBar Extension

This is an extension for checking domain authority(DA) and page authority(PA). Now days, DA being considered an important metric to evaluate if the site is good hence like others I do check blogs’ and websites’ DA as well. Initially I used to check on opensiteexplorer.org or on other DA checker online tools but it was again a time consuming task so I tried to search for the extension and got this MozBar extension. Get more details here.
It shows DA, PA and mozrank(mR) for each site you open in the browser like this:-


Even, If you have enabled the option of “search overlay” then it shows DA and PA for each site in SERPs like this:-


These are the Chrome Extensions I use on daily basis. I hope you would also love them. Let me know your views on this and also share the extensions you use on daily basis.

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  • Nice post Atish 🙂

    It is really good to see a post live here after long time. Do have it in mind that your followers and readers expects to know your real experiences 😛

    Just told, i know you are hell lot of busy with work and family.

    Regarding to post, you are using useful chrome extensions. Even I am using the same for SEO and awesome scrnshot. But not having the Moz extension bar, will have it now.

    Thanks for sharing this post, keep writing here 😀

  • A good list. I personally love the Alexa toolbar extension that gives me the chance to spy on my competitors’ backlinks 🙂

    • Author


      Thanks for your comment but alexa now doesn’t show much details of links of any site so we cannot use it to spy on competitors’ Backlinks but still good to know how many domains are pointing towards a particular domain as well as traffic rank globally and locally. Keep coming.

  • Hey brother,

    Nice and informative subject again. Yup number of extention is being used in day to day lives. Moz rank first time heard by you.

    Thanks again for updating me with the various chrome extention.

  • Hi Atish,
    I have used three of these Chrome extension that you listed. Awesome screen shot is great , SEO for Chrome was told by you and Alexa is well known.

    I will give a try to the other extensions too.
    Do you have any idea how we can lower the memory load of chrome when we open a lot of tabs in it.

    Is there any extension regarding it that could manage the memory for the system while working on multiple tabs ?

  • Hello Atish,
    First time I visited you site and found awesome blog that provides the awesome extension tool bar that help current status of our website and improving website status.

    I like your blog and content writing style.

  • Hi Atish,

    How about such extensions for FireFox? I happen to not use Chrome due to it’s vulnerabilities and security risks.

    Do you have a guide for Firefox and such a list for that?


    • Author

      I am hardly using Firefox but I will come up with a list of important ones when I will use. Thanks for dropping by.

  • Hey Atish, thanks for letting us know about the Chrome extensions that are your daily drivers. I personally too use Awesome Screenshot for instant screenshot capturing and sharing, one of the best extensions available for Chrome out there. I also use the Buffer app for instant content sharing across my social profiles.

    • Author

      Thanks Priyangshu! Deleted the misplaced comment. Even I can suggest one more chrome extension which I started using recently named as “Onetab”. Try it out. Keep coming!

      • Thanks for mentioning about OneTab dude. It could be helpful for people like me who have at least 15 tabs opened!

        • Author

          Yes, Onetab is great. I didn’t include that time because I was not using it but when Ravi asked, I searched and found this extension handy so suggested him. Now I do use! Thanks Sriram for coming again and again.

  • Hello Atish,
    I don’t usually used Google chrome because i am still in love with firefox. But i do use the chrome once in a while. seo, i do have the alexa toolbar and also Google page rank extension. i also have the rss feed reader where i get notified of new posts from my favorite bloggers.
    I have the seo quake that works exactly like moz…
    Thanks for letting us know the extension you’re using. have a lovely week

    • Author

      Thanks Babanature for stopping by. I have used firefox a lot too but I am in love with chrome because I love neat interface which Chrome gives! Keep coming.

  • Hi Atish,
    I also use Alexa and something you may find useful if you do a lot of Google searches… Google Quick Scroll. It jumps to specific places on the page saving lots of time.

    Kind Regards,

  • Hey Atish,
    Thanks for listing your favorite Google chrome extensions. I’m using Awesome Screenshot out of all in your list.

    You can use Webrank SEO instead of Google Pagerank and Alexa extensions as Webrank SEO list Pagerank, Alexa, Quantcast and Compete ranks.

    Some of the useful extensions I’m using everyday like you are:
    1) Google Dictionary- I love this extension as it defines a word when I double click it.

    2) WebRank SEO- It displays Google Pagerank, Alexa, Quantcast and Compete ranks. It also shows how much backlinks and social media shares a page got.

    3) Pocket- Pocket is an awesome bookmarking tool which was previously called Read it Later.

    4) Nofollow Simple- It just highlight nofollow links with red dotted box.

    5) Google PageSpeed insights- It’s an awesome chrome extension which run tests and display optimization tips at the Developers console tab. The awesome feature of this tool is it compress a large size image and produce an optimized image file.

    • Author

      Thanks Sriram for sharing your favorites one too. I will go and check them out for sure. Keep coming!

  • Great list, Atish 🙂

    I have used some of these in the past (and my initial plan was to install those back on my browser, once I launched my new blog).

    I decided not to do it..because I already have two many extensions (and it does slow my system down a bit).

    So, I just rely on other websites for checking these things 😀 (It’s time consuming, in terms of visiting those sites, but it does save a lot of time for my laptop..I am getting lot less errors and freezes now).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this, Atish 🙂 Appreciate it!

    • Author

      Thanks Jeevan for stopping by. I too don’t use so many but use the listed ones only. Keep visiting!

  • Good list of extensions. You choose a different topic for a post that’s great and I never heard about awesome screenshot before ’cause I always use print screen key to take screen shot. So, this is update me and reduce my work thanks for that. 🙂

  • Great write up Atish,

    It’s great to know you are sharing your personal experience with users. These extensions are really good to spy on our own as well as other’s blog.

    However I am using most of the extensions you mentioned already but not SEO For Chrome Extension. Instead I am using Open SEO Stats. this works same as SEO For Chrome Extension .
    And one extension, I would like to add up in the list is Grammerly. This is another useful extension for bloggers or writers..

    Thanks for writing on such an important topic. Have a great sunday 🙂
    Sonam Asrani recently posted…Top 15 Qualities To Consider When Buying a New PCMy Profile

    • Author

      Hi Sonam,

      At the time of writing this post, I was not aware of Grammarly. But since a few months, I am a premium user of grammarly. I do use its chrome extension as well.

      SEO fro Chrome was one of the extensions I used, but I take the same work from Moz extension now.
      Thanks for coming by.


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