10 Ways Blockchain Technology Can Change The World

After internet, Blockchain is considered as the next disruptive technology because of its advantages and offers. Technology is becoming advanced day by day and due to this several new concepts are also getting birth. The traditional technique that was in use before is also getting improved in an advanced manner. Due to this advancement, investors and Technology people also willing to use the latest technologies. Among all the Revolutionary changes in technology, the Blockchain is the major one.

With the introduction of the internet, the means of communication among the whole world also get introduced. The main reason for this Rapid development in technology is the World Wide Web. Along with the internet, social platforms also get a great boost. The most common problem of the infrastructure today is the centralization. Every platform is centralized. Due to this centralization, the risk of fraudulent, hack and cheat is very high. But with the Blockchain technology, this risk can easily be reduced or diminished. Let’s take a look over the ways through which the Blockchain technology can change the world. Hope the ways are helpful to get solution and clarification.

  1. Banking and payment

Blockchain not only provides the facility to exchange money faster but also helps in getting a secure connection. There are several banks that are using Blockchain Technology for providing more security to their customers while doing transactions.

  1. Cybersecurity

Cryptography becomes easier to verify and secure the data in Blockchain. This technology is very helpful in making the software more resistant to unauthorized changes and hacks. There are several servers that get damaged due to the hacks, errors, human errors and other problems. Even in recent times, there are many hacks that have been done with Target, Verizon, Deloitte, and Equifax. Due to the Blockchain system, it will become easier to store the data in the cloud and provide it better protection and security.

  1. Internet of Things

IoT is now becoming a trend in both market places and also at homes. The Internet Of Things Technology gets used in mainly all the appliances like the TV, refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Smart Shelves, and several others. In this technology, the appliances or we can say devices get linked with software, network connectivity, and sensors. In this technology the devices get operated from a central location hence the chances of theft are more.  But still, the IoT capabilities are increasing in such a faster speed than the small issues will also be resolved.

  1. Unified Communications

The automated Communications becomes more reliable, faster and safe for due to Blockchain. The communication that is automated or Digital is purely based on the algorithm.  E-mails, system alerts or calls notifications are examples of automated Communications. With the help of Blockchain and advanced technology, these automated communication methods will become more advanced.

  1. Government

With Blockchain the best benefit is that now a person can easily reduce the bureaucracy and can increase the transparency efficiency and security of the information. There are several corrupted politicians and the long line that gives us headaches sometimes. The Blockchain technology, it becomes easier to verify and distribute the Welfare unemployment benefits to the people. Furthermore, the voting techniques will also get enhanced as the words can be easily counted and verified.

  1. Crowdfunding and donation to charities

The donation is never a bad idea. But the percentage of donation matters a lot. With the help of Blockchain Technology, it will become easier for the persons to ensure that how much money is exactly required to donate. Through smart contract and online reputation system, the Bitcoin USD charities are creating their trust. Through this technology, donors can easily check where their donated amount is going. The ledger will also be secure and transparent. Furthermore now with the advancement of Technology, a new feature is going to be implemented. Through this, the refugees will be able to purchase food by using their Iris scan.  Then they will not be required to use the cash, credit card or any sort of voucher.

  1. Improved Healthcare system

The blockchain is actually changing the world. Soon the situation will occur where the person will not need to carry his or her medical record every time. As per the statistics available, the leading cause of death in the hospital is the wrong Diagnostic result. False information always leads to loss. By using the Blockchain technology a secure and centralized system is going to be created that will contain all the records and history of the patient. Due to this security, authorized doctors can easily treat their patients well.

  1. Manufacturing companies will get better logistic

In the supply chain, it becomes difficult sometimes to track the elements properly. Furthermore, it also becomes a problem in using the resources in an optimized manner. The Blockchain technology will help the business persons in keeping the record of every method, Every Move, and every strategy. There are several top companies that are collaborating with others to improve their supply chain by using Blockchain technology.

  1. The copyright protection will be fascinated

Music industry one of the biggest problems is piracy. There are several artists who complain about their losses due to the inadequate uses of their protection rights and distribution of the earnings. Furthermore, the person paying the amount will be able to get access to enjoy the content that artists created but he will not be able to share such content without their consent.

  1. Blockchain allows for anonymity

In earlier times, the government has declared several Financial Institutions indulged in the fraudulent activities.  In order to catch such fraud, there were several Sting operations done. With the Blockchain technology, it becomes easier and secure to perform all the transactions without revealing personal information.

These are some of the different ways in which the Blockchain technology can change the world. All we can say is this change is so good for the world.  It will not only provide efficiency, but also security will be on its high stage.

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