Techtricksworld.com which is well known with the name TTW is my first blog and it was founded in the year 2010. I and Zainil (a part time blogger and my blogging partner) started this tech blog in BlogSpot platform earlier, but it progressed as a self-hosting WordPress domain in 2011. SEO, Blogging, Facebook, Make money online, Social media, Software are some of the categories included in this blog.  We both used to update this blog with valuable information related to these categories in a consistent manner. Also, we love to organize some beneficial giveaways for our lovely readers on a regular basis. Consequently, this blog have good number of fixed readers and they leave worthy comments for our blog posts. I feel excited to express that techtricksworld is well performing in search engines.


This commendable tech blog would teach you about different methods of online money making with some useful resources to earn money at home, Basic blogging tips like traffic generation ways, blogging skills & strategies, Search engine optimization tips, Information about some popular websites like Facebook & Google, Useful software, handy computer tutorials, Social Media materials and various interesting tech stuffs.  I reviewed many products & services and published as blog posts. I hope you find the reviews useful.  Likewise, I used to take care of my every blog post to present with good quality and they are instructive in nature. You could expand your knowledge and polish your skills with it. I would like to share some current stats of this awesome blog.

Vibrant Stats of Techtricksworld.com

Page Rank – 4

Alexa Rank – 28K (28786)

Indian Rank – 3K (3666)

Domain Authority – 44

Page Authority – 54

Moreover it has thousands of Twitter followers, Facebook fans and Google Plus followers.

So if you are tech news seeker or willing to learn some tips and tricks then join TTW’s reader base and enjoy the latest tech news, tips & tricks. I am sure you would love this blog once you visit and read some cool blog posts.

I gladly invite you to visit my first blog which is being liked by most of the tech savy people. .

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  • Congrats for your new personal blog Atish 🙂

    I would like to say that I learned how to work hard and smart from you. No words to express your blogging skills, its splendid 🙂

    Coming to TTW, it is my favorite blog and am a regular reader of it.

    For most of the TTW blog posts, my comment holds the first place and am really glad about it.

    It is an exceptional blog where am expanding my tech knowledge. Will continue to support it forever by sharing the blog posts on my social networks.

    I wholeheartedly wishing you to continue the achievements in your blogging career and I wish you to start some more useful blogs soon 🙂

    • Author

      Thanks Nirmala for stopping by. This is more than a blog where I put some details about me and my blogs. Apart from these I will be updating this blog with something different. Planning to start the blogging part of this site soon.

      keep Coming!

  • Hii Atish Bhai,
    Congrats for the Personal Blog.. 🙂
    Really Glad to come here and Site Looks Awesome..:)
    In This blog, I would like to see something about you.. about your life and experiences which you have shared with your friends and family and ofcourse about blogging..love to read the Blogging tips from you.. 😀
    Nothing to say about you and Your Hard work everybody knows what kinda you are.. 🙂 🙂
    Sweetest person on Blogosphere I have met! 🙂
    Thanks you so very much for the love and support you always gave me.. 🙂
    Best Regards,

    • Author

      Thanks Sis for coming by. I haven’t started blogging yet on this site but very soon I will start blogging about me, my passion, my knowledge and how to do better in our blogging ventures and other tech stuffs in a different manner. You will surely gonna love it.

      Keep coming!

  • Congrats on your personal blog bro. You already have a great network of blogs and Litabi being an addtion…. Wishing you success in your life. 🙂

  • Hey

    Congrats for this blog Tish Tish… Now You are as popular as your Blogs, The World will know what you are, and what you have achieved through this Blog. This Blog isn’t just a reflection of your work but also the hard work and the dedication you have put behind every blog you created and made it succesful as well.

    You have long way to go Buddy and tell other a story to look upon 🙂 All the best

    • Author

      Thank you so much Payal for stopping by. I made this blog to explore myself more. Till now I used to explore about blogging, SEO, tech etc but now I want to explore myself too.

  • Congrats for your personal blog bro, amazed to see that you own soo many sites, really happy for you. You are achieving soo much and i pray to god that you achieve lot more in your life. I still remember those days when we used to blog together, nice days those where, want those days back.
    Keep going bro, All the best.. 🙂

  • First of all – Congrats on your personal blog Atish bhaiya 🙂 I would be following this blog regularly the same way as I follow your other blogs specially TTW.

    Tech Tricks World has been an inspiration to me in the field of tech blogging. And the best part about TTW is of course all those giveaways organized regularly, more often than any other blog that I have seen.

    Keep blogging and keep guiding the same to others like me 🙂

    Congrats once again and best of luck!

    • Author

      Thanks Mahaveer bro for stopping by here, Good to know that you are following TTW regularly. I always try to help others as much as I can.

  • Hello Atish Bro,

    First of all wishing you congrats for launching your personal blog.

    I’m not a regular reader of your blog and probably visit your blog 2-3 times. But that was really a great experience to read your posts. I have to do many things online that’s why I lack with time to read all of my favorite blogs daily.

    I usually heard about your qualities and nature from Nirmala mam that inspire me too do follow you. Great personality you have bro. Good luck for your bright future.
    Have a great weekend!


    • Author

      Thanks Ankit Bro,

      Glad to know that you are going to be a regular reader. It means a lot to me that a serious blogger like you is gonna be a reader of my blog. Thanks for stopping by here. Thanks to Nirmala who made it possible for me to get one more reader.

      Har ke reader jaruri hota hai!

      Thanks bro. You have a awesome blog too.

  • Many congratulations on your new personal blog, Atish – a great addition to your existing collection of sites. TTW is a great site, full of useful technical information and advice for bloggers. I wish you every success with your new site 🙂

  • There was a time, When I was unaware about TechTricksWorld. and as I was going deep inside of Blogging, it was one of the few blog when I got inspired, after looking and response on the Blog posts.

    I contacted you first time though the blog and the blogging life took a turned after I interviewed you on my blog. I can’t forget those changing moments of the life.

    Oh !!! I got back here. Well A great Congratulation to you Atish for this new and personal blog. I just missed the first comment opportunity 😛 on this post.

    And lastly, Thanks for being kind , helpful, genuine to us Atish Bro !!!

    cheers !!!

  • Congratulations for your new personal site with blog. Personal blogging is cool. isn’t it?

  • Great work Atish, It’s really matter of surprised that your own Blog is on top position in Blogging market, Congratulations for this achievement.

  • Hi Atish, All are appreciating you for your Blog achievement than, Why ? shouldn’t I so many many Congratulation for your this Big success 🙂

  • Author

    Thanks Shaily.

  • Sir i am a great fan of yours.Simply very inspired from you and your blogs too.Twice in a day i visit your blog.Keep Blogging and rocking.:)

  • Yes, TTW is really doing a great job.
    Even when I was unaware about the word blog, I was using tricks from TTW. Now I am thankful to all those tricks. 🙂

  • Good work, Best wishes for future.


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