Sharing my real experience and knowledge with my two well-performing blogs permitted me to have some creative blogging friends and I had a pleasant chance to connect with some influential bloggers. My visibility on the Blgosphere has been increased much and so I decided to build my third blog “Stoogles.com” with my friend Zainil. It was founded in 2012 and this domain name was suggested by my blogging friend, Madhavi Priya. As my profession is related to SEO, I have vast abilities in that field and intended to show my familiarity in the newly created blog. “Stoogles” was made with the words “Stalk” and “Google”. I still wonder that the domain name “Stoogles” is exactly matches and related to our updating content. Yes, am focusing mainly on search engine optimization in this blog by providing some basic and essential SEO tips for the webmasters and digital marketers.


Along with SEO instructions, you could also find the information linked with social media, software, Gadgets, Games and business news in Stoogles.com. Social networks are the highest accessing websites among the internet users and they might search materials associate to it. I and zainil are offering some exceptional social media tips, details of some popular social networks Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc. in this admirable blog. Not only these, we used to write about Windows operating system, particulars of Antiviruses, hottest technology news, data of stimulating Gadgets and business news here.

Some Major Stats of Stoogles

Page Rank – 2

Alexa rank – 187K (187,295)

Indian Rank – 19K (19, 082)

Domain authority – 28

Page authority – 40

Search engine optimization is very important for any online business and it is constantly changing now a days. So it is imperative to work in the right direction of SEO to get ranking on the top pages for the desired keywords. If you are a person struggling to learn and implement the vital SEO guidelines, I hope my blog “stoogles.com” would help you to solve the issues.

I am a workaholic guy, who is keen to learn new ideas and implementing them in the field of SEO, SEM, SMM etc. Hence, I continue to share basics and advanced guides to SEO through this blog. I would like to hear your opinion on this to make it better. I hope you would like this cool blog and I invite you to come over there to absorb some beneficial facts.

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