2012onwards is my second blog to share my knowledge about gadgets and technology. After sighted the significant achievements of techtricksworld, me and Zainil decided to create a new blog. We both founded this domain on Jan 1st, 2012 and so we named this blog as 2012onwards.com. My interest has not only ended up in sharing… (4 comments)

Sharing my real experience and knowledge with my two well-performing blogs permitted me to have some creative blogging friends and I had a pleasant chance to connect with some influential bloggers. My visibility on the Blgosphere has been increased much and so I decided to build my third blog “Stoogles.com” with my friend Zainil. It… (6 comments)

I started blogging for various reasons like to develop my confidence and skills, to get good exposure in my niche and to meet some monetary benefits. With my 4 splendid tech blogs,I decided to buy another blog to polish my skills even further. I and Zainil recently purchased an existing tech blog named “Atcoitec”. After… (2 comments)

Me and Zainil decided to buy a blog as we had already started 3 blogs and never did purchase of any domain and moved that to own host so just to try new thing we bought a blog named as Litabi.com and started working on this too. We acquired this blog around 3 months ago from… (0 comment)