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I have started this personal blog to share anything I want. My first post was all about my blogging journey and the second post was about how to start blogging step by step.

Now after a long time I want to write about my life, about my wife, about my love. You might think that I am kidding after knowing the fact that I found my love on Facebook.

Yes, one status update from me, one comment from her and friendship got started in no time. We started talking on Facebook and then messaging on phone and finally started talking over phone.

The flow looks like:-

My Status Udpate >> Her Comment on that update >> Started Talking in FB messages >> Started Talking over Phone >> Love >> Marriage.

We started talking from 6th June 2013 and don’t know when the sweet friendship turned into Love. The amazing thing is she was in my friend list since 2012 but the first talk was happened in June 2013 when she commented on my status.

The best thing between us is we have so many things in common. Thoughts, habits, and everything seem to be similar, there are always few dissimilarities  but overall we are the perfect match. You can say Made for Each Other”.

OooOps! I forgot to write her name, her name is Rekha who is now Rekha Ranjan. If you are in my Facebook friend list you might saw my statuses with “#Mirchi” hashtag written everywhere. That Mirchi is none other than Rekha, the love of my life and my better half.

I am very lucky to have her in my life. Life seems to be very beautiful and easy with her.  Like every love story it was never easy to convince her parents but after trying many times finally we got success and they were convinced. Finally our family members fixed the date of our wedding which was 14th November 2013. This was the success story of this short & sweet love story which is now turned into a sweet relation of husband & wife. We are very happy and hope the love between us will be there forever and a bit more.

If I start to write each and everything of this sweet but short love story then I would end up writing thousands of words so I would like to stop writing and leave you with 2 of our photos.


Hope you all like my love story! Share your kind words and blessings for us via comments

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