Me and Zainil decided to buy a blog as we had already started 3 blogs and never did purchase of any domain and moved that to own host so just to try new thing we bought a blog named as Litabi.com and started working on this too. We acquired this blog around 3 months ago from a blogger friend.

I understand that I am enlightening my knowledge while sharing the tech stuffs with others. Moreover, from Google Trends, I came to know that people is showing more attentiveness in knowing the features and specifications of various Gadgets and operating systems. So, I decided to explain some useful figures related to these areas through this blog. Our consistent work is enduring in this blog too and it helps us to get some regular visitors. We both understand their requirements and engaging them with our useful blog posts.


This splendid tech blog would educate you about technology, social media & tech news, pretty games, useful gadgets & Apps and various operating systems. We have written some reviews about games and Mobile phones here and this might help you to recognize these tools in a better way. Besides, I and Zainil planned to engrave the useful apps like Windows blue, Windows 7 & 8, Android, iPhones, reviews & previews of some gorgeous tech tools, Games for Android & PC, latest news of popular social networks and modern tech news in this blog.

Some important current stats of Litabi.com

Page Rank – 3

Alexa Rank – 232K (232,226)

India Rank – 25K (25,376)

Domain Authority – 27

Page Authority – 31

The usage of internet has increased rapidly because of the attractiveness of social media websites. Yes, the social media has taken the world by storm and to satisfy the hunger of the people many companies are manufacturing the eye-catching gadgets with some advanced features to access social networks effectively and that would gratify their needs. Likewise, people are keen to know the various apps available for educational and professional use. So, I took an amusing opportunity to offer the data about some useful apps and gadgets with this blog.

If you are a tech lover, I am certain that you might find this blog useful to learn the tech and gadget related stuffs. We are taking attention while presenting the each blog post of Litabi for my lovely readers. I am quite happy with their involvement and it helps me to take this blog to next level. I recommend you to have a look at this blog and leave your suggestions to improve it further.

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