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How to Learn Coding Online for FREE?

Coding is something that is very interesting but at the same time it’s tough to learn. Before a decade there are very few people used to learn coding especially those who study courses like BCA, MCA, B. Tech(computer science) but nowadays everyone who is in technology field wants to learn coding, in fact they need it most of the times.

I work as an SEO in a firm but there are times when I have to use HTML, CSS to alter few things so it’s good if you have knowledge of these and you don’t need to be dependent on the HTML designer for these smaller tweaks.

If it comes to blogger then I would suggest every blogger to learn a little bit of HTML, CSS at least (you can learn more if you want).

There are many online resources available both Free and Paid which not only give you a platform to practice coding without doing any set up on your local system but also make it easier to understand with their interactively designed courses.

Lately I have joined multiple websites to practice coding so that I can tweak my blog’s design as per my requirements. By the way, I loved the programming thing always but due to circumstances I went ahead in the industry in which I got chance when required but my love towards coding never died. Hence I have started learning this cool thing again.

I am sharing here a list of 8 websites where you can register to practice coding. They have multiple courses like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Python etc. You can join the websites as per your requirements. Let’s check them out now:-

1. W3schools


The most trusted website to learn coding is w3schools. Even expert Designers and developers get help from this site. The courses are well designed and it has “Try it yourself” option where you can write and test your code to check whether they correct or not. It offers HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, asp.net,  SQL, PHP and JQuery courses. This is absolutely Free.

2. Codecademy


I have recently found this website and I just loved the way courses are designed. I love to practice coding here the most. Check out my profile on it here: codecademy.com/atishranjan. I have completed HTML/CSS there and I can say that the course is really very nice and good for beginners.

Try this out today! It’s Free!

3. Dash

dash - general assembly

Dash by general assembly has one of the best courses for HTML/CSS.  You can get knowledge about HTML5, CSS3 by working on the projects designed by them. It basically has 5 projects out of which I have completed 3 and will be working on 4th and 5th now. I can say that it is the best site to learn HTML5/CSS3.

It basically teaches you how to create static websites using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Try it today! It’s Free!

4. Codeschool


It is just another website with cool stuffs. It offers HTML/CSS, Javascript, RUBY and iOS application development courses.  It has both free and paid options. For free you will be given the initial and basic things to learn but to join advanced lessons you need to pay.  For now I would advise to try the free lessons!

5. Teamtreehouse


I have not tried this website but I have heard a lot about this and read also that it is one of best websites online for learning code but this is not free! It offers HTML, CSS, iPhone apps and more. You need to sign up with your credit card/debit card however it offers Free trial. If you are ready to pay then you should invest here only.

6. Learnstreet


It offers free courses on Java, Javascript, Python and Ruby. I have not been much on this website but by watching over the courses I can say that it’s good to start with it. It also offers Projects which is good for practicing the codes in real time. Try it!

7. CodeHS


Basic membership is free but to get access to advance courses you need to be a pro member. So if you are ready to pay you can join and learn from this site as well. However you may join and learn basic stuffs for FREE. Try it.

8. Code Avengers


This offers HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript courses. They have both free and paid courses. Level 1 of each course is free and remaining levels are paid. Nice site to learn the advance web designing as you would be learning the next generation web design with HTML5 and CSS3.

I hope you can get benefit from these online resources and start coding right away. Share your experience with these websites if you have any or if you are going to join then come back later and share how you are doing there?

I am leaving you with these tools and stop writing! If you like the post please do share using social sharing buttons.

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  • Hey Atish,

    Really you’ve posted some cool stuffs here. I knew W3schools and rest of the resources are new for me.

    Very interesting to read your real experiences and the purpose of learning coding. After reading your post, I’d like to learn valuable coding stuffs to modify CSS of my blog.

    I really like the subscription widget of TTW at the end of the post and I’m sure that it will let your readers to subscribe on your blog. I know that you’ve done it by yourself by modifying some CSS code.

    Keep your good work Atish, thanks for sharing some useful evidences for us.

    • Author

      Thanks Nirmala for reading, commenting and sharing this post. W3schools is the oldest and the best one for all but rest are new but very nice as well.
      Thanks for liking the subscription box on TTW. Yes, I modified a little CSS there. Keep coming to my blog. Thanks!

  • Oh! a along list… with many new sites for online learning.

    W3Schools are familiar for almost everyone and I got my hand on codeacademy by your help and today got a chance to try other tools.

    Thanks for sharing these awesome sites, bhai 🙂

    • Author

      Thanks Shiv for your good words. Yes w3schools is the oldest I think and rest are new. Give them a try. Especially try doing on Dash first. You will enjoy making a full website using html, css and JS. keep visiting.

  • Ohh bro,

    Cool stuff. Coding is something I was not knowing few days ago but when I came to know through your dedication for it then only one thing clicked on my mind that if Atish is doing it, for sure it is very useful.
    Recently I go through some research for coding because I write about coding in an article for my client. How generous people like you can earn lot through coding.

    I am glad that you have still penchant for learning which is really awesome. Keep working…

    • Author

      Coding is indeed the most techie thing in the IT world. I am still learning a lot of stuffs or you can say I am in learning mode now days. Preparing myself for the new challenge. Thanks for coming by.

  • Its great to see all important sites for learning coding thanks bro expecting more and more cool stuff

  • Thanks for the great info…I know some websites like w3schools, codecademy, team tree house but after reading this post I got many useful websites thank you so much gonna update my stuff with these sites.. 🙂

  • I want to know which one is best and easy to use
    I have tried w3schools

  • Hi Atish,

    You have given such great resources here. I understand how important coding is and never knew there was so much information out there to learn it.

    This is a great share for all!


    • Author

      Thanks for stopping by Donna. Coding is indeed important for bloggers. Not much but a little bit of knowledge should be there.

  • Wow Atish, thanks so much for these awesome sites. I’ve been wanting to learn a little more code myself but I think that some of these that let you try it as you go, that’s the way I learn the best.

    I sure appreciate this share and I’ll be saving this post to revert back to.

    Thank you again so much and enjoy what’s left of your week.


    • Author

      Thanks Adrienne,

      You made my day with your comment. Hope you would be able to learn through these sites. I suggest to start with Codecademy and w3schools.

  • Hi Atish,
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I form ally took programming in C++ as part of Systems Analysis in college. Before that I programmed in Turbo Basic and wrote hundreds of small programs. I have top-down modular programming burned into my brain. I think the resources you’ve listed will be a handy reference for those interested in learning coding online.

    All the best,

    • Author

      Thanks Bill for stopping by and sharing about your programming days. Good to know about that. Keep visiting.

  • thanks for sharing a good educational stuff

  • Great List of very good free educational websites brother thanks a lot for sharing with us…

  • hello Atish Bhai
    Thanks for sharing about these online Coding Sites. before this i just Know about w3school. thanks for sharing about other alternatives. 🙂

  • i have nice experience with Code Academy

    I learned lot of code html, css and some js&php

    simple to learn and practice with codeAcademy

    thanks for introducing other sites

  • Hi Atish,

    Really great post Atish. I thought to learn coding is something hard to start now but you have given us some great resources here.

    I heard of the W3schools but I never bothered to check it out but I see that you are highly recommending the codeacademy as well.

    I understand it is important to learn coding at some point, as bloggers, as it is better to tweak things using code than using lots of plugins which might slow down our blogs. I never knew there was so much information out there to help learn coding.

    Thanks Atish for a great share!! Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Be Blessed,


    • Author

      Thanks for sharing your ideas with us Neamat. Yes, learning to code is always a good thing for bloggers because when you need to tweak something, you have to find some expert but if you are familiar with the code you can do it on your own. If you ever want to try your hand at coding then do try codecademy first.

  • I love code Academy!
    Great site for programming.
    I also loved your Blogging story..
    Much appreciated!
    Great work!


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