Looking For a Great Adsense Alternative? Infolinks is the Best You Can Get

Infolinks—What Is It?


Begun in 2007, Infolinks is reckoned as the topmost advertising platform that delivers top notch targeted audience to its visitors and utmost revenue to its publishers. Apparently, Infolinks is a tremendous advertising platform that provides diversified advertising products for advertisers, publishers, and organizations. In addition, the platform offers advertising products including intext, inframe, intag, and infold to overcome the banner blindness.

Infolinks—How Does It Work?

Infolinks uses a few keywords from your website to display the ads of the advertiser. These are the intext ads that look like just normal links to your readers, thereby generating a number of clicks and money for you—the publisher. So, the way Infolinks works is pretty simple: the more clicks your visitors give you, the more money Infolinks makes for you.

Infolinks—Different Types of Ads

Infolinks delivers 4 kinds of advertising products for augmenting user engagement and overcoming banner blindness. Here are those diversified ads:

1. Intext Ad


At present, intext advertising is the most widespread type of advertising. Infolinks basically hyperlinks the keywords on your website or blog by means of the most apt ads. Whenever a reader or user hovers the mouse over a hyperlink on your website, you make money for the clicks and the views. The ad units are completely customizable, which means that you can choose your desired colors and number of intext hyperlinks to enhance the conversion rate.

2. Infold


Infold is considered to be the best ad unit of Infolinks, as far as the conversion rate is concerned. Infolinks displays the ad units that pop pertaining to the keywords in your post, and as per the queries being searched by the user. It is a fully unobstructed ad unit for publishers. It is a floating and popping banner from the bottom of your website or blog that tend to abate your bounce rate and augment the rankings of your blog in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). So, infold is simply an impeccable ad unit to enhance user engagement on your blog.

3. Inframe


Inframe is perhaps the most user engaging ad unit for your website. Often, there are a few margins on your webpage that are not used; those unused margins are utilized by Infolinks for displaying floating ad banners for improving engagement on your website.

4. Intag


Intag analyzes the topmost keywords on your web page, and display ads that are appropriate related to the keywords in the form of an appealing tag cloud. In addition, you can create your custom tag cloud for raising the average time that is spent on your page.

Infolinks—How To Make Money With Infolinks Ads?

You can customize Infolinks ads to increase your earnings by a great deal. Here are a few methods to start with right away:

1. Use high paying keywords

Use high paying keywords with respect to your website to increase your earnings with Infolinks. Find a few keywords related to your topic using Google Adwords Keyword Planner, which shows you what bids advertisers have placed on those keywords.

2. Use ads with single underline

Numerous monetization experts recommend using ads with single underline because that makes your intext ads look just like normal links, which makes it very likely for your readers to click those ads, as they part of your website content.

3. Turning Infolinks ads on or off

Turn off or on Infolinks ads on certain sections or pages of your website. Generally, it is always good to turn off Infolinks ads in your website sidebars, section, and footer section.

4. Remove ads blindness

Use the same color for your intext ads to ensure that they look just like normal links on your website. Doing this prevents your readers from differentiating between text ad links and normal links, thereby increasing your potential Infolinks earnings.

Click here to sign up today and start making money with Infolinks.

Infolinks—The Referral Program

Infolinks has started their Infolinks publisher referral program that enables you to receive 10% of the amount that your referral sign up made in his first year. For instance, if someone uses your link to sign up Infolinks after you have signed up for Infolinks referral program, you would receive 10% of whatever amount he earns in his 12 months. Read more about this referral program on Infolinks’ official blog.

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  • Hello Bhai,
    Its great to know about infolinks and it is so simple to use as well.. indeed a better and good alternative for adsense. I’m surly going to use it.. and hope it will not create any problem when we use infolinks and adsense for same page?
    Sugandha Agarwal recently posted…Lenovo Launched its K3 Note in India for Rs. 9,999My Profile

    • Author

      Thanks for coming by Sugandha. Yes, its a good alternative of Adsense. yes, you can use both on the same page, no issues at all.

  • Hi Atish,
    Nice to read the review about infolinks,
    Hey, I had an experience with it few years back due to some disturbances i removed it and but in the recent time i come across with another review written by Nisha Pandey, and i was fully confident about its results she mentioned in the article and i opted for it again (in fact, after reading that review) but unfortunately i didn’t get a second chance, the reason only known to them, the criteria they look for getting the account as far as i am concerned my pages are eligible, but they denied. I can see a good number of people using this in their blog page of which many are even having no standard at all,
    Anyways, nice reading this review here, since an expert like when recommends it, it will surely be worth using it as an alternative to adsense. :-
    May you have a good and profitable day.
    ~ Philip
    Philip Verghese Ariel recently posted…Real Estate: 4 Tips for Investing in the Right Property (A Guest Post By Nisha Pandey)My Profile

    • Author

      Yes, it’s good if you customize it well. If you fail to customize it well then it can irritate your readers for sure. Thanks for coming by Philip.

  • i have a doubt atish.. when i compare infolink with bidvertiser. which one is best ??
    sneha recently posted…Special Onam 2015 SMS Wishes In MalayalamMy Profile

    • Author

      I haven’t used bidvertisers, but I did use infolinks. Infolinks can make you good amount of money if you have huge traffic.

    • Author

      I haven’t used bidvertisers, but I did use infolinks. Infolinks can make you good amount of money if you have huge traffic.

  • Hi Atish,

    I used Infolinks for one month later I shifted my focus to affiliate marketing, it is truly a best alternative to Adsense and useful for the people whose Adsense account is suspended, I am thinking even to remove Adsense ads from my blog to make it a clean website without any ads to concentrate on affiliate marketing.

    I think you know how so many ads can reduce user experience, just shared my opinion about Infolinks here, thanks for sharing this info which is useful for bloggers, see you soon with another article.
    Siddaiah Thirupati recently posted…SiteGround Coupon 2015 – Christmas Holiday Sale 60% OFFMy Profile

  • Infolinks is a great alternative of Google Adsense. I’ve been using Infolinks for more than 4 months and it has generated me a very good earnings when my adsense account got banned. Thanks for sharing

  • Nice post, but I personally feel that media.net has now emerged as one of the best google adsense alternative because their RPM is good and mostly importantly their ads are mostly CPM ads which means you don’t require any one to click on ads to make money you just have to show the impression of ad and you are going to make the money which is not the case with google adsense
    Tim Martine recently posted…Deep Web Search Engine ListMy Profile

  • “How grateful am I reading this article. you wrote it in very good way.Thanks to let us know about high paying Google Adsense alternatives for our blog.
    here are no doubt that Google adsense is the world best Ad network for earn money. My most favorite and highly paying advertising network is buysellads after Google Adsense.”
    Victoria Tegg recently posted…ElHerbolario Darknet Markets ReviewMy Profile


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