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How to Find the Best and Free Images for your blog posts?

As a blogger you already know the importance of content to grab loads of quality traffic. Unique and quality content helps you build a good audience base. Content is considered as the food of search engines. As much quality content you put on your blog, you notice improvement in the traffic.

But there are many more things which should not be overlooked. Images are such kind of things which should be given priority when it comes to content creation. These are equally important to make your blog posts stand out of the crowd of thousands of blog posts.

How to use Images in your blog posts?

If I am saying at least on image must be there in your blog post, that doesn’t mean you add any image just for the sake of adding rather it means to add images which reflect your content. I mean images that are closely related to your content and can grab attention of serious readers.


                                 – Image Courtesy: Pixabay

If you are writing a How to guide then you should take the screenshots and add them step by step in the post but if you are writing a normal blog post then either find out the images which are best to add in it or design it using Photoshop (if you can design).

Add images of medium sizes, they should neither too big that readers find difficult to read the post nor very small that cannot grab attention.

How to Find the Best Images for each of your blog posts?

There are many websites which are offering royalty free images which you can use in your posts with a link credit to the owner. Never use those stock images without the permission of the owner because it can be a copyright issue and you can be into problems. To avoid it, use free images but it’s a cumbersome task to find free but quality images. No Worries! Here I am going to share 10 websites which offers free stock images.

Let’s explore them:

1. StockPhotosforfree.com: This website is owned by a company named Video blocks which is not interested in making money by selling photos because their main business is selling footage, motion backgrounds etc. You can download images from this website and use it in your blog post freely. If you want to help this site spread then you can give an image credit to them.

2. Google Image Search: This service is offered by Google where you are given options to select whether to find commercial images, free images etc.
Open Google Images then click on Search Tools and select the option Labeled for reuse with modification. Now you get the images which are free to use.

3. Freedigitalphotos.net: This website is very popular among bloggers. You can use their images. You just need to give credit on the pages on which you use their images.

4. Dreamstime.com: Just another website which offers you free images. Sign up, search images and use it on your blog.

5. Imagefree.com: You can register yourself and search for free images on this website. It shows you both free and paid images. You can use the free ones on your blog for free.

6. Freeimages.com: The gallery of over 3 lakh stock photos offers you the best free images to use on your personal or professional projects or blogs. The sign up process is little time consuming but to access the huge gallery it is worth spending time.

7. Freephotosbank.com: Nice website to download free images for your blog posts. No sign up required.

8. Imcreator.com: IM creator offers a curated collection of free images, all for personal and commercial use. Browse through the stylishly crafted categories to search the images of your choice.

9. Pixabay.com: It offers copyright & cost – free images published under Creative Commons. You can copy, modify, distribute and use all the images either for personal or professional use. No sign up required!

10. StockVault: It is a stock image sharing website where photographers, designer etc share their photographs, graphics or image files with each other for personal and non-commercial design work. And its all for FREE! No sign up required.

There might be many more websites which offer free images. Not all website asks you to give image credit but it’s always good to give credit whenever you are using any image for free.

I hope this list would be helpful to you for finding the best stock images for your blog posts.

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