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On this page I am listing those blog post links where you can find me either in a list or answering some questions. I am not making This page to brag but just to motivate myself and my fellow blogger friends. This page would also help me to remember about these posts in case I forget. So here go those blog post links from awesome bloggers:



1. 30 Top Men Bloggers of Aha!NOW: In this post, Harleena Singh listed all the men bloggers whom he found wonderful. This post was dedicated to all those 30 men bloggers on International men’s day.

2. Top 20 Indian Tech Bloggers to Follow, If You Are a Tech Fanatic:- A blog post on www.socialsamosa.com which features top 20 Indian bloggers. Good to be featured over there along with other great bloggers.

3. Top Indian Tech Bloggers of 2016List compiled by Soumyakanti Ray.

4. Top 25 White Hat SEO Bloggers Worth Reading – List compiled by Gautam Saha.


1. Interview With Atish Ranjan of Tech Tricks World – BSGIS 16: In this post efoghorjos has asked some cool questions which had been answered by me. 

2. Let the Blogger Speak – Atish Ranjan from TechTricksWorld: This was just another blogger interview in which Sahil asked me some great questions about me and my blogging strategies. 

3. Expert Chat: Atish Ranjan Teaches Us How To Start a Blog: This interview was taken by Joseph Adediji who asked a lot of thoughtful questions on blogging. Read my answers there.

4. Interview with Atish Ranjan – A Pro Blogger & Internet Entrepreneur: This interview was taken by Olamosh on his blog olamosh.net. I loved answering his questions..

5. Experts tips – Simple Discussion With Atish Ranjan from Techtricksworld: This expert chat session was organised by Nirmala Santhakumar and this was a little different from other blogger interview. This consist of some quick questions with my quick answers.

6. Interview with Atish Ranjan Shrivastrava ( TechTricksWorld.com ): Just another blogger Interview which was taken by Tharun Raj. Read on there to know more.

7. The Naked Truth About Atish Ranjan:- This is one of the very first interview of mine taken by Praveen Rajarao. 

8. Interview with Atish Ranjan of TechTricksWorld.com: One of the latest interview which was taken by Mohammed Ali.

9. Techulator.com interview with Atish Rajan – Blogger and SEO Specialist:- This Interview was taken by Techulator Team where I spoke about Blogging and SEO.

10. Exclusive Interview With Atish Ranjan About Blogging Success:– This interview was taken by Kunal shah on his blog firstbloggertricks.com. Check out the interview to know more.

11. Interview with Atish ranjan from Techtricksworld.com: This particular interview was taken by Fazal Mayer of Richerornot. check this out too.

12. An Interesting Talk With Atish Ranjan from TechTricksWorld: This interview was taken by Taposh for his blog, talkandtalkers.com.

13Interview with Atish Ranjan, Founder of TTW: This Interview was taken by Moumita Ghosh from websiteandtechnology.com.

14.  An Interview with Atish Ranjan-Tech Geek : This Interview was taken by Sachin Saini from maininfopoint.com

15. SEO Tips by Atish RanjanI was approached by Chinedu Joseph to speak up something about SEO.

16. An Interview – Expert in SEO, SMM, SMO, and Technology – Atish Ranjan: This time, Chandan from Kinbloggers approached me for the questionnaire. You may visit to check out my answers to his questions.

17. Interview with Atish Ranjan: Pro Blogger and SEO SpecialistThis interview was taken by Guru Nath from Bestofguru.net. He published it on my birthday as a surprise which I liked very much.

18. Atish Ranjan, the founder of Techtricksworld.com, a unique personality from the Indian blogging arena: This interview was taken by Reji Stephenson for his blog Digitaldimension.

19. Atish Ranjan’s Interview – A professional blogger from India: This interview was taken by Kalpesh Makwana for his blog freeguestblogginginfo.

20. Interview with Atish Ranjan from TechTricksWorld: This interview was taken by Suresh for his blog Tips2secure.com

21. ProBlogger Atish Ranjan के साथ Exclusive Interview हिंदी में!: This Interview was taken by Prakash Kumar Nirala for his blog hinditechtricks.com. This was a special one because the interview was in Hindi.

22. Expert SEO Chat with Atish Ranjan – The Indian ProBlogger: This Interview was taken by Deepal Bhatnagar for her blog diaryscroll.wordpress.com.

23.  Interview with Atish Ranjan – The Blogger at TechTricksWorld: This Interview was taken by Amplifyblog.

24. Tech Blogger Atish Interviewed… – This was for Techistudent.com

25.  Blogger of the Week: Atish Ranjan of TechTricksWorld.com : This Interview was taken By Manidipa for her blog Wpblogging360.com.

26.  Techtricksworld.com के Admin Atish Ranjan के साथ Interview- हिंदी में : This Interview was taken by Vijay Panwar for his blog Part1blogger.in

27. Learn To Earn Money Online from Atish RanjanThis interview was taken by Minuca Elena for her blog minucaelena.com.

28. Interview with Atish Ranjan – Founder of TechTricksWorld – Interview by Hemant for his blog Letstrick.com.

29. Interview with Blogger Atish Ranjan from TTW(TechTricksWorld) – Interview by Soumik for his blog tekkibytes.com

30. TCBI 11: Interview with Atish Ranjan from TechTricksWorld – Interview by Sathish Arumugam for his blog Trafficcrow.com

31. Interview with TechTricksWorld.com For CJI – Interview for Couponsji


  1. How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners | Expert Opinion from Atish Ranjan (Problogger) from TTW


2. How Atish Ranjan Earning Through #Blogging | Pro Tips to Be Successful.


I hope you all like this page and visit these awesome blogs! 🙂

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