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On this page I am listing those blog post links where you can find me either in a list or answering some questions. I am not making This page to brag but just to motivate myself and my fellow blogger friends. This page would also help me to remember about these posts in case I forget. So here go those blog post links from awesome bloggers:



1. 30 Top Men Bloggers of Aha!NOW: In this post, Harleena Singh listed all the men bloggers whom he found wonderful. This post was dedicated to all those 30 men bloggers on International men’s day.

2. Top 20 Indian Tech Bloggers to Follow, If You Are a Tech Fanatic:- A blog post on www.socialsamosa.com which features top 20 Indian bloggers. Good to be featured over there along with other great bloggers.

3. Top Indian Tech Bloggers of 2016List compiled by Soumyakanti Ray.

4. Top 25 White Hat SEO Bloggers Worth Reading – List compiled by Gautam Saha.



  1. How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners | Expert Opinion from Atish Ranjan (Problogger) from TTW


2. How Atish Ranjan Earning Through #Blogging | Pro Tips to Be Successful.


I hope you all like this page and visit these awesome blogs! 🙂

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