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How to Choose the Perfect Theme for your WordPress Blog?

Choosing a perfect theme for your wordpress blog is a tough and confusing job. There are thousands of free and premium themes available across the web, which always confuse the bloggers when it comes to make a selection out of them. Most of the times bloggers fail to select the best because of confusion which is completely natural because being a human when you get a lot of choices, deciding upon one thing becomes tough.

choose the best theme for your blog

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However, theme selection work seems very easy at the first glance but it surely doesn’t. If someone asks you to search for a good theme then what you do usually? You go to Google and make simple search queries like free wordpress themes, free themes for wordpress and so on. This is somehow good way to start with but you get a long list of themes from search results out of which you would like to select but again you have a lot choices and you need to make the best selection. To make the best of your selection you need to know few essential things to keep in mind.

Okay so I am going to mention few tips which you should keep in mind while selecting the perfect theme for your WP blog:-

1. Blog Niche:

The first thing I would like you to focus on is the blog niche. Yes theme has a close relation with the niche and it contributes in the success of the blog. Suppose you run a fashion blog then you might not use a simple looking blog rather you would like to use some funky, stylish kind of blog in which image display is prominent but if you have a personal blog you would like to have a simple & sober theme in which content looks prominently than images.

If a user comes to fashion blog and see a simple theme then it might not impress that user. So you can see different niche has different requirement in terms of looks and functionalities.

So, while choosing a theme for your blog, ensure your niche and accordingly select the perfect one.

2. Clutter Free

Always look for a theme which is clutter free. I mean everything should be in a managed way. There are many free themes you may find which has good options but they are not organized in proper manner.

No clutter! Simple and elegant should be the choice.

3. Responsiveness

Earlier wordpress users used mobile plugins like wp-touch, mobilepress to show their blog look better on phones but nowadays there are many kinds of devices such as iPad, iphone, tablets etc. There are so many variations in the size and having only a mobile site doesn’t ensure to look better over all of available devices. For example, I have used mobile plugin on my blog techtricksworld.com, it was showing fine on mobiles but was not showing fine on iPad then I tried to edit the CSS codes to make it responsive and now It looks great on almost all the devices. You can check here.

So, I would advise to look for responsive themes only! It is important because in the 20th century millions of users used to read blogs on their tablets and smartphones. That’s why it is indeed necessary for your blog to look perfect in those devices as well.

Even there are many different browsers as well so if the theme is responsive, no matter where you are opening the blog, it will look perfect everywhere.

Personally, I like simple themes with less clutter. Recently I found a theme by MH Themes, MH Magazine Lite which is very simple yet professional looking. It is responsive too that makes it a right choice for the guys like me. Check the below box for more details.

MH Magazine lite is a free responsive magazine, dynamic news or blog WordPress theme for modern online magazines, news websites, professional blogs and other editorial websites. If you would like to have more features, custom widgets and options to customize your website, you can upgrade to the premium version of MH Magazine.

It is to be noted that this popular WordPress theme has been downloaded more than 400,000 times, is currently running on over 30,000 websites and is regularly being updated by MH Themes.

Download the free version of MH Magazine | More information about the free version of MH Magazine

4. Menu Support

Many free blogs supports only one menu so this is also a matter of concern which needs to be checked as per your requirement. If you need 2 menus then you probably would not select a theme which supports only 1 menu. Also check if the menu supports dropdown submenus as well.

5. SEO Friendly structure

A blog must have SEO friendly structure because it is the key to success in online industry.  Better SEO can take your blog to next level.

How to check if the theme has SEO friendly structure?

  1. Check whether the theme has options to put title description for each posts/pages.
  2. Check whether the site is using proper <H> tags.
  3. Check whether the theme is compatible with the essential SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast, All in one SEO etc.

6. Easy Customization

Make sure that the customization is simple because I have encountered with many themes in which customization is very tough. One mistake disturbs the whole theme design.
I understand you cannot be sure about the theme completely until you use it but you have to do it and the best way is to inquire in your circle if the particular theme is being used by someone else? If you find 1 or 2 people using the same then you may either ask to see the dashboard or ask about the customization things.

7. List out your Requirements

Before selecting theme for your blog, make a list of your requirements so that you can make a good selection. Requirements like container width, width main content area and Sidebar, Colour options and so on.  You must know about these needs of yours because it helps you select the perfect theme!

8. Free or Paid

Thousands of themes both free and paid are available on Internet. You can either choose free one or the paid one. I always prefer paid ones because they are well coded and you get good support from the developer but in the free themes, most of the times you face buggy codes and no support from the developer. I am not saying that free ones are not good but premium themes should be preferred.
Many free themes asks to give credit links as well, but if you cannot afford giving link back to other site then drop the idea of free theme and get premium one.
You can check out MH Themeselegantthemes, Theme Junkie, Mythemeshop, Thesis, Genesis and many more where you can buy great themes. You can also check out the wordpress theme gallery here.


I have shared my own views about keeping few things in mind while selecting the perfect theme for your blog. However, many times if you are good at coding then you can mould any theme as per your requirement but it’s always good if the features you want, comes with the theme already.  Any ways, now you have a list that you must keep in mind when you are ready to choose the theme for your wordpress blog. Always choose the best because look and feel impacts the performance of your blog.

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  • Hi Atish,

    One of the success determinant of blogs is proper theme selection. This isn’t only applicable to business blog but also personal blogs.

    Responsiveness is a major factor. I initially used plugin before I switched to the responsive theme and works better for my blog in all mobile platforma.

    The aesthetics and user-friendliness of blog is found in easy customisation of the menu features of themes.

    As for the SEO aspects, I don’t give preference to that ehen it comes to theme choice as I used independent plugin for that. Eventhough wiyh the SEO plugin insralled, I used do most of SEO without preference to the plugin standard sometimes. For the starters however, it might worth given consideration.

    Thanks for the in-depth tips
    aceclue recently posted…Small Business Marketing IdeasMy Profile

  • Hello Atish,

    I’d say that it is a helpful post for the bloggers of all niche. As you said, selecting a good theme for the blog is somewhat confusing as we need to consider too many factors (which you’ve listed here). A theme should have easy navigation and customization features. Perfect fit for mobile devices with SEO benefits is an essential thing to be considered while choosing the wordpress theme. You’ve covered almost all possible points to select a good design for a blog, keep writing the stuffs of same kind.
    Nirmala recently posted…How And Where to Get Social Media Jobs Online?My Profile

    • Author

      Thanks for agreeing with the post, Nirmala. Yes, theme selection is one of the toughest task I ever came across.

  • Hi atish a very good article but the target audience will never ever be able to choose a proper theme. Let me share a simple case, a blogger approached me for my pagespeed theme and as per his requirement I simple customised his theme. The theme was able to double his search query revenue and traffic but one fine day he called me and said “sir maza nahin aa raha hai”.
    His previous theme was taking 6.17 sec while when I handed over his blog with my theme then the time was less then 1 sec.
    Thus it is very hard for newbies to select a proper theme. If they are not sure what they actually want from his /her blog, nobody can help them.
    rakesh kumar recently posted…how to bring targeted traffic to your siteMy Profile

    • Author

      I agree with your bro! Yes theme’s loading speed must be good. I missed this point in the post but its very very important! Glad you liked it. Keep coming bro. Thanks!

  • Hi Atish,
    you don’t have a second chance to make a first good impression!

    So chosing the right theme for your blog is very important.
    It’s like your dress.
    That’s the first thing your readers see
    (then of course you must give them interesting content).

    I suggest first of all to get a mobile responsive theme,
    and the latest HTML 5.
    Love it!

    Thanks for the post,
    have a great week!
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted…20 CMS You Can Use as Alternatives to WordPressMy Profile

    • Author

      Thank you so much for the comment Erik. I agree, Its like your dress. It needs to be good looking. 🙂 Glad you liked the post. Visit me often!

  • Hi Atish,

    Choosing a best theme is must for every wordpress site. I am totally agree with Eric that 1st impression is always a last impression. Website look is very important to grab user’s attention and the best theme can give us fast loading, best features and lot of more things.

    This post can help newbies to start with choosing the right wordpress theme.

    Thanks for sharing with us. Have a great day!
    Nisha Pandey recently posted…Amazing Giveaway – Get Rankware Tool Free Membership for 1-yearMy Profile

  • Nice post, choosing a best theme is the crucial part of blogging or may be blog as it the design which attract readers.

  • Hi Atish,

    That’s a great post to help bloggers and website owners to make the right decision about choosing the right theme. I wish such a post was available to me when I started. I never used a free theme, I just went immediately with the premium, Thesis, and at the time of my blog setup, it was recommended for me and it is working fine so far.

    Thanks Atish for a great post. I will definitely share it to help those who are on the hunt for a good theme. Have a great week ahead.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous recently posted…GIVING As An Effective Leadership Habit To Develop!My Profile

    • Author

      Thanks for the nice words Neamat. Yes theme selection is an important task. Your theme looks fine to me. Keep visiting. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  • hi Atish,

    Yours is a useful article. Bloggers of all niches can benefit from it. Selecting a good theme for the blog is always confusing since there are certain points to be considered.

    Above all easy navigation is important, I think. You have explained all the points in selecting a good design.

    Thank you for sharing..
    Rajaraman K recently posted…3 Mistakes to Avoid in BloggingMy Profile

  • Hi Atish,

    You really mention here some important point that’s are important to consider before selecting a theme. Now-a-days, SEO Optimized and fast loading theme is more popular because using these themes, anyone can get more traffic from search engines and returning visitors.
    Manik recently posted…Best IT Company in Bangladesh | Drins Tech LimitedMy Profile

  • Hi Atish,
    Really you have shared very needful information, what I observe sometimes after choosing theme we often found some important features for our blog are missing, after going through to your content at lest we can judge twice a theme before choosing it by its looks only.
    Thanx for the sharing.

    • Author

      Themes are the first thing you should choose to make your blog look good. You have to be very careful while selecting. Thanks for coming by.

  • Hi Atish Sir,
    Chossing a WordPress theme to newbie like is very difficult but your article guided me step by step to get through to step a new wordpress theme ,I would like to know which will be the best paid wordpress theme around 50$ for my blog with good page load which is one of the problem I face with my blog ? I hope you would clarify my doubt,
    ALOK DAS recently posted…Mesh Rashi Ka Aaj ka rashifal aap k shubh din k liyeMy Profile

  • Hi Atish,
    A very detailed and well explained post.
    I have just started blogging with WordPress and this post is gonna help me i choosing a good theme.
    Thanks for sharing your views on it!
    ~ Ahmad
    Muhammad Ahmad recently posted…3 Best ways to Promote Your Old WordPress Blog PostsMy Profile

  • Hi Atish Sir,
    I was very worried about the theme selection for my new wordpress blog but after reading your article i just came to know how much it was important to me. Now i am going to purchase another theme so that my blog will give great performance too.
    If possible can you also suggest me something more….Thank you in advance.
    Rohan Khanna recently posted…When is Raksha Bandhan Date In IndiaMy Profile


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