I started blogging for various reasons like to develop my confidence and skills, to get good exposure in my niche and to meet some monetary benefits. With my 4 splendid tech blogs,I decided to buy another blog to polish my skills even further. I and Zainil recently purchased an existing tech blog named “Atcoitec”. After buying this blog, we have developed it very well with certain quality content. As our published blog posts are useful and trendy, it started to perform well in the blogosphere and earned good number of audience. Even though it has few valuable articles now, we had a great plan to modernize this blog with some fabulous information.  


From this blog “Atcoitec.com”, you would catch some common information about technology, software, Gadgets, apps and make money online ideas. We have included some facts about Facebook and complete biography of some famous personalities like Bill gates, Dennis Ritchie, Steve jobs etc. with this blog. We both are good in sharing the data of Gadgets, Apps and continuing our persistent work in this blog too. Also, we scheduled to write the trendy tech news and “how to” tutorials through this blog.  

Current stats of Atcoitec

Page Rank – 5

Alexa Global rank – 306K (306,428)

Alexa Indian rank – 23K (23, 144)

Domain authority – 14

Page Authority – 28

Technology plays a vital role in our daily life and its growth is tremendous in all types of fields like business, education, health and so on. So every person is using the latest technology device either for their personal or professional purpose. I agreed the importance of technology and I am showing much interest to study the latest technology devices and apps. So I consider this blog as a worthy medium to share my extended tech knowledge.    

As I told earlier that technology is my fascinating niche, I feel more comfortable in updating this blog with beneficial and recent tech associated information for my readers. Also, I identified their needs and providing some good resources for them. If you are attentive in knowing the tech objects, then you could find the latest summary of smart gadgets, worthwhile apps, newest software, hottest social network news, different ways to earn money online and some interesting tech updates soon in this blog.

I am early waiting for your presence in my blog “Atcoitec” to stretch you suggestions about the blog posts.  

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