AskMe App – The bapp of all apps

Nowadays, I am hearing a lot about an App which is considered as the Bapp Of All Apps by so many reviewer and user. I installed this App today to know what is special in this which makes it the Bapp of all apps.

After installation, I used it and I can say this is something I like very much. This is somehow like Just Dial which gives you details of products and services for which you make a query to them over call. In this App, You don’t to make a call (in case you want to call then you can query for the same over call on 0444-444-4444 )rather you just type the name of services or products which you want to find and this app will show you a long list of services and products you searched for.

Main features of AskME App

  1. This app allows you to search the nearby businesses with details like deals and offers.
  2. It also allows seeing the latest classified ads on smartphones, vehicles, real estate and many more etc.
  3. You would be able to read reviews about the businesses you want so that you can select the best one to work with or shop with.
  4. Not just you get the details of businesses rather you can call them with the help of this App.
  5. You can create a simultaneous search on “free ads” and “deals” in your zone without going back to the homepage.
  6. You can also share your favourite businesses with your family and friends via email, SMS, FB and twitter.


By reading the above features, you might know now why it is called the Bapp of all apps?

This one app has so many features that I always looked for. I am really happy of having this app in my cellphone. Without boring you with my talks I would like to suggest you to download Askme and start using it.

How to Download AskME App on your android phone?

Like any other Android app, go to Google Play, search for AskMe and click on install. Wait for some time and this app will be installed on your cell phone. or Follow this link to download this app.

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