2012onwards is my second blog to share my knowledge about gadgets and technology. After sighted the significant achievements of techtricksworld, me and Zainil decided to create a new blog. We both founded this domain on Jan 1st, 2012 and so we named this blog as 2012onwards.com. My interest has not only ended up in sharing the blogging, online money making, SEO and social media tips. As am an enthusiastic guy who loves to use different gadgets and wanna utilize the latest technology devices, I read too much of stuffs related to it and gained my awareness in those areas. I intended to share my expanded awareness in my newly created blog “2012onwards.com”. As people now days are hungry of gadget news and updates I had decided with Zainil to start a blog primarily focused on gadgets, specially on cell phones and apps, So there came the domain 2012onwards.com.


This dynamic blog of mine would demonstrate you about some attractive cell phones with their features & specifications, fascinating gadgets like cameras & tablets, Useful apps for iPad/iPhone, striking laptops, tips and apps for Android devices, various iPhones and iPad specifications, Game apps for iOs/Android and some business information. I have written the reviews of some gadgets here and it would help the people at the time of buying those devices. As my reviews and disclaimers of the tech gadgets are in clear and precise language, I gained a decent number of permanent visitors for this blog.

Here are some significant stats of 2012onwards.com

Page Rank – 3

Alexa Rank – 140K (140887)

Indian Rank – 16K (16,212)

Domain Authority – 32

Page Authority – 43

Additionally, it has upright number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

The technology has made our life more comfortable. Specifically the tech gadgets like Mobile phones, laptops, Tablets/IPhones and the operating systems like Android & iOs plays a substantial role in today’s life. It is very difficult for us to think our daily life chores without these types of gadgets and operating system. Moreover, we would have fun with video games, iPods etc. and thus supports us to ensure an enjoyable life.

So I took an opportunity to write about the attractive gadgets and useful apps for you in the blog “2012onwards”. I am taking care to offer the blog posts with accurate data and so it might be useful to you. I happily invite you to have a visit at this blog and share your insights with me in the comment section.

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Comments (4)

  • I always admire your passion in blogging, Atish! The fact that you keep launching new sites shows that you are really serious in making blogging your full-time business. I’m a fan of TTW and 2012Onwards.com, but I hardly find time to leave comments on both sites these days. However, being a fan, I’m still dropping by each and everyday on these 2 sites to read all the interesting articles.

    Oh yeah, this is another great site. Looking forward to read more great articles from you my friend!

    • Author

      Thank you so much Peter for stopping by. Good to know that you still drop by at TTW and 2012onwards to read interesting articles. This site will most be having a mixture of personal and blogging related posts.

  • You know what, You and Zainil are fabulous example of being an online blog partners.
    Since you both have not only started one blog but successfully maintaining and starting various blogs together.

    My last words would be, Aapki dono ki Jodi salamat rahe.


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