10 Important Topics to Prepare For CAT

CAT 2016 is scheduled to be held on December 04th The pattern has been released on the official site of CAT IIM. IIM- Bangalore is conducting the exam this and have made sure the aspirants do not face any problem while registering the exam. As the month is fast approaching, aspirants must be preparing for the examination on full swing. We have been asked a lot of time as to which topic should be given more focus on, for the examination.


It is a common believe that the students hailing from engineering background are generally good with quant subjects and they focus on QA section to improve the scores in the overall section. It has also been said by serial CAT topper, Mr. Byju Raveendran, founder of Byju’s – The Learning App,  if we change the way we are learning the concept then it will help us solving the questions in a better way.

Let’s have a look at the topics that the aspirants need to take care of while preparing for CAT Exam.
1. Quantitative Aptitude:
About 33% of the section focuses on numbers chapter. Based on the last year’s questions, this chapter is gaining much more importance that any other module for quantitative ability. Candidates should ensure that they are clear with the basics of this chapter.

  1. Arithmetic: Since we know that the elements that constitute arithmetic are of high practical value, this module is the second most important module in quant for CAT. Time, Speed and Distance; percentages; Averages, Alligation and Mixture, are all included in the arithmetic module of CAT Exam. There are some more underlying importance of this part which appears in the Data interpretation section of the page, we will talk about that in sometime.
  2. Algebra:
    From the last three years, we have seen three – four questions from this section of CAT exam. The variable “x” can be present in the following format – Polynomials, Maxima and Minima, Logarithms, Quadratic and Linear Equations, Sequences and Series, Functions and Graphs.
  3. Probability and combination:

Contingency, the likelihood of something happens and decision making in that situation, helps a businessman a better manager of the business. This topic contributes about one to two questions in the quant section of CAT exam.

  1. Data Interpretation: This is where arithmetic is vital for answering the questions. Mostly the topics that will be tested in the Data sufficiency section is the percentages, averages and permutation and combination topics all mixed together for the questions. Hence, it is important to be very good with rounding off the numbers and answering the questions that follow.

    6. Geometry:
    Important mainly because with this chapter, other chapter questions can be combined and asked. It is the easiest module in the entire CAT subject.Byju Raveendran, the top trainer for CAT Quantitative Aptitude, always take geometry as the most marks scoring subject in the entire CAT quantitative syllabus. According to him, geometry is nothing but numbers and diagram. He confesses that it was his weakest area, which is the reason for him to find out the maximum number of approaches to solve the questions. Aspirants cannot afford leaving this section altogether as around 8-10% of the quant paper consist of geometry.

    7. Verbal Ability: Reading Comprehension: Reading comprehensions, or RC passages, are the most important topic for the verbal ability section in the exam. We will get at least four question in each passage. Hence, it is important to learn the tactic to solve the questions that follow the reading comprehension passages. Students preparing for the exam can check out the following video to see how P.N. Santhosh, Faculty for Byju’s – The Learning App, have devised the perfect way to compress the time to read and comprehend the reading comprehension passages.

  1. Para jumbles: Para jumbles are, in simplest terms, jumbled paragraphs. Aspirants will be given four to five perplexing sentences and they have to form a meaningful paragraph out of those.
    Approximately, three questions are found form this kind of verbal ability questions. The CAT 2016 latest pattern that has been released on the official website has around four questions from the same topic.9. Para Summary: The questions left after the Reading Comprehension passages are a mixture of jumbled paragraph and Para summaries. The new CAT pattern says that the Para summary questions have gained the importance for this year. 3 questions were to be seen on the Mock cat test pattern released.

    10. Logical Reasoning:
    Seating arrangement, sets, 2-D and 3-D tables are all the important topics for the Logical Reasoning section of CAT. Knowing the best concepts and applying the tricks the right way is the trick. LR will be having questions like reading comprehension manner. This section needs a lot of practice and if one condition is not fulfilled or understood well, then the whole set of four or five questions will go wrong. Thus, everybody need to practice the arrangement questions well enough till they gain the mastery of it.


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